Round One:

Bagautinov looking light on his feet early with Elliot stalking him down with his hands at his waist almost taunting Bagautinov. Elliot throws a kick – it’s caught and he’s trippped to the ground. Bagautinov goes in for a single leg but is stuffed and eats an uppercut. Elliot is looking to work his jab but Bagautinov is circling away and getting in and out with powerful rights. Elliot projects a take down and is stuffed, eating another uppercut. They clinch up momentarily and on the break Bagautinov connects with another right. Bagautinov connects with a stiff right hand that wobbles Elliot – Bagautinov follows it up with a knee.  Elliot keeps pressing forward. Elliot landing with a low kick as well as a left jab. Elliot presses forward for another low kick but Bagautinov catches the kick and takes him down. Elliot is quick to get back to his feet. Elliot connects with a jab. Bagautinov continues to circle away, picking his shots with his right hand. Bagautinov connects with anther right, Elliot tries to connect with a flying knee but Bagautinov catches it and pushes him against the cage. Final 10 seconds, Bagautinov connects with a hard 1-2 combination and follows it up with a high kick that also connects.

Round Two:

Elliot continues to press forward but is having a hard time stringing together any offense while Bagautinov circles effectively and lands his right pretty much at will. Bagautinov catches a flying knee from Elliot but Elliot immediately threatens with a flying guillotine. He pulls guard – it looks tight. Bagautinov picks Elliot up and shakes him off! Elliot gets back up and ends up getting on top of Bagautinov. Elliot starts to pepper the body of Bagautinov. Bagautinov threatens with an arm bar attempt but doesn’t get the submission – he uses it to sweep Elliot and return to his feet. Bagautinov connects yet again with his right. Elliot with an inside low kick, Bagautinov counters with another right. Elliot connects with a left hook. Elliot shoots in for a take down that is stuffed and the attempt is reversed by Bagautinov. Elliot defends and they return to this feet. They exchange some light strikes before the closing bell.

Round Three:

Elliot proceeds to come forward, using unorthodox movement. Bagautinov connects with a front kick. They exchange with jabs and straights, landing quite equally. Bagautinov connects with yet another right followed by another front kick. Bagautinov loads up an uppercut on the stalking Elliot. Elliot works some low kicks from the outside. Bagautinov works the same jab-straight right punch three times consecutively, all landing. Elliot connects with a 3 punch combination that has Bagautinov looking for a take down. The take down is stuffed and they reset. Bagautinov works his jab but Elliot uses his movement to avoid damage. Elliot wings an uppercut and misses wide. Elliot chases Bagautinov down with a jab but misses and is countered by a heavy right. Bagautinov presses forward with a two punch combination and closes it with a high kick that lands flush. 10 seconds remaining – Bagautinov connects with a right hand. Elliot shoots for the take down and completes it, but Bagautinov is right back to his feet.

Ali Bagautinov defeats Tim Elliot via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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