Round One:

Dunham immediately shoots for a take down but is stuffed by Cerrone, eating a knee on the break. Dunham connects with a left but is countered by a knee. Cerrone connects with a knee that has Dunham hurt. Cerrone swarms him, landing a big straight right. Dunham stumbles back, Cerrone continues to swarm him. Dunham is on his back eating shot after shot – Cerrone obtains top control and lands some ground and pound. There’s a scramble and Dunham is able to get on top. Cerrone throws his legs up for a triangle, Dunham pops his head out but his arm is still trapped. Cerrone uses an omaplata to sweep Dunham. Cerrone peppers Dunham with some shots. They pop up to their feet, Dunham presses Cerrone against the cage and peppers him with short strikes. Cerrone turns him and connects with two hard knees that has Dunham backing up. Dunham doesn’t let up, though, and continues to press forward looking to box with Cerrone. However, Cerrone is attacking from all angles timing his knees especially well, as well as mixing it up with low kicks. Cerrone connects with a jab. They circle each other, Cerrone landing a low kick before the round ends.

Round Two:

Dunham connects with a hard kick, Dunham grabs a thai-collar and they exchange wildly in the clinch. They separate, Cerrone lands with a hard kick to the mid section. Dunham shoots for a take down but Cerrone stuffs and connects with a knee. Dunham goes over the top with a left but it didn’t have much power. Dunham then strings together a three punch combination, connecting with an uppercut. Cerrone lands a kick and a punch to the mid section. Dunham lands two stiff punches but eats a high kick at the end of his combination. Dunham shoots for a take down once again – Cerrone defends and then transitions to the back of Dunham taking him down and landing in side control. Dunham reverses Cerrone but is immediately trapped in a triangle. It’s in deep! Dunham taps!

Donald Cerrone defeats Evan Dunham via submission (triangle) at 3:49 in round 2

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