Round One:

GSP lands a low kick early, followed by a jab and a front kick. Hendricks wings that big left hand, GSP ducks under and explodes into his patented double leg securing the take down and threatening with a mounted guillotine. He gives up the submission. Hendricks is able to get back to his feet and clinch with GSP, driving him towards the cage. Hendricks lands two knees into the clinch. Hendricks connects with an uppercut as GSP drives through for a single leg. Hendricks defends but GSP drives through to the cage. GSP still digging for the take down – Hendricks landing hard elbows to the side of GSP’s head. Hendricks reverses him and completes a take down. GSP returns to his feet but Hendricks is still driving through for a take down. GSP creates distance and separates. Hendricks throws a big knee as GSP is coming in. GSP lands an inside low kick. Hendricks explodes forward with a left hook, GSP avoids the damage. GSP goes high with a kick. GSP engages in a clinch but eats two knees to the thigh. They trade punches to the body. They disengage. GSP lands a low kick but is countered by a straight left before the bell.

Round Two:

GSP opens the round with a jab followed by a low kick and a superman punch. Hendricks charges forward and clips him with a straight left knocking a big chunk of vaseline. Hendricks clips GSP with a left. GSP is wobbly. Hendricks is unloading, connecting with lefts and rights. GSP is backing up! His face is wearing the damage of Hendricks’ punches. The fight is paused to put a mouth piece back in. They resume. Hendricks clips him again. Hendricks then clinches with him against the cage. They separate after exchanging some short punches. GSP connects with a stiff jab. GSP eats another left but responds with a superman punch. They exchange high kicks. Hendricks steps in with an uppercut. GSP lands a right hand. Hendricks tags GSP on the temple. GSP with a jab. GSP goes high with a kick, followed by a front kick. Hendricks wings his left but is countered with a right by GSP. Hendricks and GSP trade feints and then clinch up near the final 10 seconds of the round. They exchange short knees to the thigh before the bell.

Round Three:

GSP opens the round with another low kick followed by a front kick. Hendricks responds with a jab followed by a right hook. GSP lands an inside low kick, Hendricks lands a knee to the body. They exchange jabs, Hendricks follows his up with a straight right to the body. GSP jabs, Hendricks goes for an inside low kick. Hendricks presses forward looking to land a left hook but is countered by a right. GSP lands a kick to the body followed by a jab and a straight right. GSP lands a left hook and then throws a high kick. Hendricks starting to paw with his jab. Hendricks connects with a left straight and a jab. They trade jabs but Hendricks tops his jab off with a straight left. Hendricks jabs, GSP with a superman punch. GSP continuing to connect with his jab and his low kicks. Hendricks counters a jab with a hook to the body. Hendricks changes levels for a take down, driving through to the cage and completing the take down. Hendricks works the body of GSP. GSP is able to escape and they clinch with Hendricks landing a hook to the body before the bell.

Round Four:

Hendricks doubles up his jab, GSP goes with a jab to the body but eats a counter. Hendricks lands a jab and a straight, GSP works his jab as well. Hendricks engages in a clinch that has GSP backing up sloppily as he trips to the ground – Hendricks pounces on him and works some ground and pound in GSP’s guard. GSP is throwing strikes from the bottom but they have nothing behind then – Hendricks goes to the body, body, and head throwing punches in combinations. Hendricks stacks up on him but then lets him get back to his feet. GSP is very bloodied up right now. Hendricks presses forward with three hard left hands. GSP throws a low kick. And another, but this time it is countered by a left. Hendricks doubles up his jab and looks for a left uppercut but just misses. GSP attempts to press forward and string together a combination but Hendricks evades him. GSP looks for a take down against the cage but is reversed. Hendricks changes levels for a double leg. GSP sprawls and reverses him. Hendricks lands a short knee to the thigh and then turns GSP around holding him against the cage to close out the round.

Round Five:

GSP throws a jab and a kick to the mid section and then changes levels going for a single leg. He drives through Hendricks into the cage but pulls Hendricks away from the cage while keeping hold of the single leg. Hendricks defends with great balance. Hendricks turns GSP against the cage and works for a double leg while landing knees to the thigh. GSP looking to threaten with a kimura but Hendricks throws him off. GSP lands a big kick to the body followed by a straight right and a take down. GSP has 3 minutes to work on top of Hendricks. Hendricks sneaks out from under him and is able to prop himself up to his knees. GSP stays on him. Hendricks gets back to his feet. GSP pins him against the cage but is reversed. GSP spins him once more. They spin eachother once more and Yamasaki separates them. GSP goes high with a kick. Hendricks lands a jab. GSP drives in for another take down with a minute to go but Hendricks defends against the cage. GSP switches to a single leg and drags Hendricks down but Hendricks is right back up. GSP pushes Hendricks against the cage, Hendricks reverses him. GSP threatens with a kimura. The bell sounds.

Georges St-Pierre def. Johny Hendricks via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47).

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