Round One:

Koscheck takes the center early. Woodley connects with a right that sends Koscheck flying into the cage. Woodley swarms, Koscheck turns him against the cage. They battle for position for the large part of a minute – Herb Dean warns them to work. Koscheck continues to land short knees. They are separated and reset in the center of the cage. Woodley works his jab, Koscheck responds with his own. Koscheck connects with a low kick, Koscheck lands a straight right that has Woodley backing up. Koscheck wings his overhand right, Woodley steps back and wings one of his own. Koscheck eats a right, he’s rocked. Woodley lands another, Koscheck goes down. Woodley swarms him landing right after right – Koscheck is hardly defending himself. Woodley jumps on top of Koscheck, Koscheck obtains a very closed guard controlling the posture of Woodley preventing further damage and allowing himself time to recover. Herb Dean stands them up. Koscheck presses forward with a straight right – Woodley counters with a huge right hand that lands on the chin. Koscheck’s knees buckle, Woodley lands two punches to the head as Koscheck is going down and Herb Dean stops the fight!

Tyrone Woodley defeats Josh Koscheck via knockout at 4:38 in round 1.

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