Round One:

Sonnen with a marathon like sprint charge towards Evans and immediately shoots in for the take down. Evans stuffs but is pressed against the cage. Sonnen works short knees in the clinch. Evans turns him around. Sonnen reverses him, but Evans reverses him once more. Sonnen grabs hold of a Thai-clinch but Evans changes levels for a double leg. Sonnen stuffs and threatens with a guillotine attempt. Evans gives up the take down and begins to work the body of Sonnen. Evans lands a big right, Sonnen firing back winging hooks with his back against the cage. Evan continues to drive through. Sonnen connects with a knee. Sonnen grabs another Thai-collar which has Evans dropping for a double leg and he completes the take down. Evans is working his ground and pound from half guard, landing a good right over the top, as well as landing a big elbow. Sonnen rolls over to his knees giving up his back, Evans stays on him landing ground and pound. Sonnen rolls again, Evans takes full mount and starts to pour on his ground and pound. Sonnen rolls onto his stomach and covers up. Evans unloads, Sonnen taps to strikes!

Rashad Evans defeats Chael Sonnen via TKO (strikes) at 4:05 in round 1.

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