Round One:

Lawler opens with three consecutive low kicks. MacDonald moving forward slowly but keeping quite a good distance. Lawler charges forward but eats a counter. MacDonald goes high with a kick. Lawler goes low with a kick. MacDonald throws out a jab, Lawler tries to drag him into a clinch brawl but MacDonald disengages. MacDonald lands a front kick and a jab. Lawler again attacking the lead leg of MacDonald. Lawler explodes with an overhand left but MacDonald slips the punch. MacDonald lands another front kick to the boy. Lawler begins to aggressively chase after MacDonald looking to land something big but MacDonald circles away. MacDonald lands a stiff jab followed by a front kick. Lawler connects with a kick to the body, MacDonald catches the kick but Lawler uses that as a distance closer and tags MacDonald with two uppercuts. MacDonald throws a high kick before the bell.

Round Two:

MacDonald shoots in for a single leg but Lawler stuffs and tags MacDonald during the defense. They separate and reset at the center of the cage. MacDonald continues to move forward, landing his front kick from a range. MacDonald throws a straight right , Lawler a straight left. Lawler lands a right hook to the body as MacDonald is backed up against the cage. Lawler connects with a right hook. MacDonald lands an inside low kick as well as a straight right to the body. Lawler connects with a jab, MacDonald with another straight to the body. Lawler throws his low kick that MacDonald continues to eat up without checking. MacDonald does respond with a front kick and a straight right. MacDonald beginning to turn up the pace and change levels for a take down. He completes it and looks to work on top of Lawler against the cage. MacDonald is literally just laying on top of Lawler – for about 20 seconds. He then postures up to his feet , pushing Lawler’s legs aside to pass into side control. Lawler regains half guard  but MacDonald unloads his elbows in the final 20 seconds. Lawler regains full guard but MacDonald closes out the round on top.

Round  Three:

Lawler connects with a heavy right hook early that staggers MacDonald. He follows it up with a left hook and an uppercut. MacDonald miraculously completes a take down on wobbly legs and will now work on top of Lawler. He doesn’t do anything though so Yamasaki stands him up. Lawler connects with another heavy right. MacDonald looks for another take down. Lawler sneaks out the back door and ends up on top of MacDonald and begins to work away at his ground and pound. MacDonald closes up his guard restricting Lawler’s movement. Lawler disengages and tells MacDOnald to get up. MacDonald is bleeding out of his nose quite badly. MacDonald calls for an eye poke though the replay seemed as though it was a punch. Fight resumes, MacDonald grabs a single leg. but is tagged again. Lawler presses forward and connects with two more heavy shots that rock MacDonald. Lawler swarms him, MacDonald goes down. Lawler pounces on him and is now in side control working his ground and pound. MacDonaonnects with a rild takes half guard but Lawler quickly transitions back to side control and lands another big left. One minute remaining. MacDonald is able to regain full guard. Rory threatens with an arm bar. Lawler defends and stands up. MacDonald follows. Lawler connects with a right, MacDonald secures a take down. MacDonald is working his elbows and his right hand.

Robbie Lawler defeats Rory MacDonald via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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