Round 1: Chris Tognoni is the referee. Both fighters standing orthodox. Right hand for Pennington sneaks through. Modafferi sneaks one through of her own and certainly using more feints. Pennington scores with another right, but Modafferi is the busier and doing the stalking. Spinning back first from Modafferi misses and she eats a right for her efforts. Modafferi punches her way into the clinch and eats an uppercut, but has Pennington's back against the fence. It doesn't work and they separate. Cracking right hand from Pennington to close the round.

Round 2: Modafferi punches her way into the clinch and looks for a trip against the fence, but can't get it. Pennington beginning to do the stalking and cracking Modafferi. Modafferi tries a desperation double, but is easily stuffed. She instead elects to pull Pennington into her guard. Pennington landing a bit on top as Modafferi frames for an armbar, but Pennington escapes easily. Inside leg kick from Pennington as they stand and a left hand. Modafferi lands a right before the end of the frame.

Round 3: Modafferi switching stances, but not landing much. Left hook scores twice for Pennington as she's backing Modafferi up. Modafferi works a clinch against the fence, but Pennington breaks it pretty quickly. Pennington cracks Modafferi with a right hand, forcing a desperation shot from Modafferi, but it goes nowhere. Now they work from Modafferi's guard with Pennington scoring hard hammerfists to the body. Modafferi ends up in a standing guillotine, which becomes a mounted guillotine for Modafferi. The fight ends there.

Winner: 30-27 Pennington

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