Round 1: Kim Winslow is our referee. Herman opens with an outside leg kick. Leites cracks Herman during a wild exchange. Herman connects on an upkick but Leites still dives into top position. Leites stands, then settles in half guard. Leites trying to pass but Herman having none of it. Leites finally works into side control. Herman scrambles back to his feet, but winds up with his back against the fence. Leites trips Herman to the canvas, landing in half guard. Herman rolls and Leites takes his back, sinking in both hooks. Leites propped up against the fence, working for a rear-naked. Herman looks to roll but Leites blasts him with lefts, then re-sinks in both hooks. Herman explodes to his feet. 

Round 2: Leites cracks Herman with a hard right, then bullrushes him against the fence. Herman reverses. Herman stuffs a takedown attempt and connects on a hard counter. Leites trips Herman to the canvas, then advances into half guard. Herman gives up his back and Leites gladly takes it. Herman eats a right. Leites stands, gets blasted by an upkick, then dives back on top. Leites claims side control, then takes Herman's back again. Herman creates some distance then regains his half guard. Big flood of boos from the Las Vegas crowd. 

Round 3: Herman comes out aggressive and lands some powerful hooks on Leites who backs up into the cage. Leites regains composure and drives forward, pressing Herman against the cage. They battle for position while exchanging short strikes and Herman is able to turn Leites against the cage. Herman lands a left uppercut upon separation. Leites goes over the top with a right. Leites looks to complete a take down but Herman grabs the cage to stuff the attempt. Winslow slaps his hands off and Leites then completes the take down with 2:30 to go in the fight. Leites transitions to side mount and looks to continue transitioning to his back. Herman rolls, Leites stays with him and takes his back with both hooks in. Herman scrambles out and regains half guard. Leites continues to maintain position to close out the round and the fight.

Thales Leites defeats Ed Herman via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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