Both fighters trying to find their range throwing feints and light jabs/low kicks. Smith goes up high with a kick. Chiesa presses forward with a combination, Smith ducks under a punch and secures a body lock and is now attempting to complete an outside trip. Smith moves to his back and suplexes Smith to the ground. Chiesa attacks with a kimura almost immediately and is able to bump him off with his hips and turn that kimura into a sweep. Chiesa quickly moves to the back of Smith and is looking for a rear naked choke. Chiesa secures a body triangle as they battle for hand position. Chiesa was making attempt to transition to full mount but Smith timed his explosion perfectly and turned into Chiesa. Smith then takes the back of Chiesa on the feet and looks to sink in a rear naked choke. Chiesa escapes but Smith continues to hunt for the rear naked. Smith has it in deep! Chiesa flips to slam Smith and shake him off – and it works. Smith stays on his back still hunting for the rear naked. Chiesa is able to escape and the two separate in the final 10 seconds. No strikes are landed before the bell sounds

Round Two:

Smith taking the advice of his corner and coming forward with punches right out of the gate. He then clinches with Chiesa as they battle for position, Chiesa attempts an outside trip but Smith separates. Chiesa lands with a straight right followed by a jab straight combination. Smith clinches with Chiesa once again, pressing him against the cage. Chiesa completes a beautiful throw from the clinch, Smith lands on the top of his head. Chiesa landing on Smith’s back almost instantaneously secures the rear naked choke! It’s under the chin! Smith is forced to tap!

Michael Chiesa defeats Colton Smith via rear naked choke at  1:41 in round 2.

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