“Ninety percent of what you hear on a weekly basis is just guys that are trying to stay on NASCAR's good side,” Hamlin said.

re 90 percent of NASCAR’s drivers really just trying not to rock the boat? Has the sport really come to that? C’mon, can’t we get pure honest opinions at least 20 percent of the time?

Maybe in all walks of life, there is only 10 percent pure honesty and 90 percent of toeing the company line and just trying to stay out of trouble, making NASCAR no different than any other job out there. Maybe this is what everybody already knows and has accepted as fact.

Or maybe Hamlin was exaggerating and fans get true, honest opinions from drivers more than 10 percent of the time. It would be nice to just shrug off Hamlin’s statement since it is so disheartening. If fans are only getting 10 percent honest opinions— and PR spin the rest of the time — that is not good for the sport as a whole.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to stay in the good graces of the people who run the sport where a driver makes his living. These are the people that can make a team’s life miserable in the inspection bay, make split-second decisions on penalties on pit road and make the final decisions on any rules changes. It’s in a driver’s best interest to keep NASCAR officials happy.

As far as the sport is concerned, a driver doing and saying what NASCAR wants can help in many ways.

There is a theory that if the drivers are positive, then the sport enjoys a positive vibe. Talladega track president Grant Lynch and his boss, International Speedway Corp. President John Saunders, are adamant that drivers’ foul-mouthing the racing at Talladega has hurt the track.

Source: Sporting News.com

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