Jimmie Johnson likes Brad Keselowski, but the five-time Sprint Cup champion thinks that NASCAR’s newest champ needs to mature a little.

The 37-year-old Johnson looks at the 29-year-old Keselowski and doesn’t think he will be able to get away with the brashness and colorful antics that he has been lauded for, such as being tipsy while doing a SportsCenter interview after winning the title last year.

While Keselowski is outspoken and opinionated and often provides interesting perspective on the sport, Johnson said that he doesn’t always deliver those opinions the best way.

Keselowski is known to use some colorful language at times, as he did during a tirade last year when Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer clashed at Phoenix.

“Brad, as mature as he wants to portray himself as, he has some growing to

do,” Johnson said. “Now he is in the spotlight as the champion, and I think we all sit back and chuckle at times at some of the things he says and does.

“He is a great guy. He has the best of intentions for our sport, for his sponsor, for his team. He just needs to mature a little.”

Keselowski has said often that he plans to be his own person and stay true to himself, no matter how outlandish some of his actions or words might seem. He reiterated that during Media Day Thursday.

“There is nothing wrong with a little style is there? Everyone likes a little style. I feel like I have a little style,” he said.

“I don’t put that much thought into it. I am going to do my own thing. If it works, great, and if not then whatever. I am going to be my own person and look out for what is best for the sport. I have always felt that way, whether I was a champion or not.”

Johnson said he is sure people could look at him when he won his first championship in 2006 and see plenty of things he did that weren’t the most mature or thought-out.

“He will be more aware of his voice (as the champ),” Johnson said. “Once you are the champion, your voice carries much further. The more success you have in the sport, the voice will carry further and further.

“I had my own experiences where I would just casually mention something, and I didn't realize how far it went, and maybe I wasn't as accurate as I needed to be. So, I think he'll have a few moments like that which will rein him back in some, and make him think about what he says and be more calculated.”

Keselowski said he has always considered what is best for the sport.

“I feel like every driver has a responsibility to make the sport better and all it can be,” he said. “I might have a louder voice now, but I took it seriously before I was a champion.”

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