Opening Segment: AJ Styles Vs. Bully Ray Promo
AJ was a little better there but not by much. He was holding his own there when he was by himself but once Ray got out there then he was out classed. Ray is way better on the Mic & it defiantly showed there. Not much to make me more interested in this match & honestly it doesn't feel like BFG is the biggest show of the year for TNA. Is it just me?

Manik and Jeff Hardy defeated Kenny King and Chris Sabin at 7:07. Ultimate X match between: Hardy, Aries, Sabin & Manik. 
A very skip able Tag match but at least it had a reason behind it. The match i really like & most likely to be the show stealer but what the hell just leave King out of it. I guess he knows how TNA feels about him. Their finally putting the under card matches onto this card. Ok match that was just a setup 2.5-5 * Match. 

Backstage Segment With Hulk Hogan & Sting talking about how out of control Dixie Carter is.
Ok rant starts now, What the hell is this. First why would sting have Hogan's back when there is no fight. Its a non wrestler that he has a feud with, what is he going to hit a women (come on man) Second are they talking about WCW back in 1998 or are they talking TNA days like 2 years ago when Hogan was a heel & him with Bischoff was allies who was the out of control ones? I know its TNA who doesn't believe in Logic but come on you just insulted your fan base. 

Magnus pinned Christopher Daniels at 3:52.
Magnus submitted Kazarian at 12:18.
Bobby Roode defeated Magnus at 22:50.
I'm sorry but TNA hasn't built up Magnus enough to have him such a big threat agans't this guys. Roode to be the final & only guy to go over on him was a smart choice. By the way i think roode as more to offer than his current role in the company. Way to long of matches that i don't care about. 

Magnus & Sting Promo setting up a match for BFG
The announcement didn't feel as big as they wanted & i think me & the crowd had the same reaction which was really? i honestly don't think anyone cares about this match. This will put in place Magnus heel turn. Be honest did you really think Sting wasn't going to have his spot of the card. 

Austin Aries & Hulk Hogan Backstage Segment
Aries giving hogan Vitamins & telling him to say his prayers was a little corny but there making it a big deal & to the casual fan its something to draw people into Hogan's big decision. 

Lei'D Tapa makes her debut & destroys Velvet Sky
A debut that i was not impressed with at all. I felt like i was watching a character from the 80's. Mike Tenay comments made me feels like it was a awesome kong 2.0. I was actually looking forward to the 2 hottest chick in TNA who can have kick ass matches go at it. Oh well, If they keep Tapa destroys people then she can be someone. Also the crowd being burnt out didn't help.

Samoa Joe defeated Bully Ray by disqualification at 10:24.
The match was a big mans match no doubt. Joe didn't feel as much as a threat as he did in the past to me but that's just booking. Not trying to nick pick just my opinion. The finish i was ok with, you don't see it to much in pro wrestling these days. Of course AJ came back to make an impact & it was a wish move to have him get more momentum going into BFG. 

Ending Segment: Hulk Hogan & Dixie Carter Promo with Hogan Quitting
This segment met my expectations & if Hogan does sign a new contract his exact words would make sense. Carter holding the leg of Hogan made her look pathetic but like some who in her position would need. I'm a 50/50 fan of Hogan who could take him or leave him. I honestly think if they would get Hogan & Bischoff out of there they would benefit more but i don't see them doing that. Hogan comes back in a few weeks or months to regain control of TNA brother!

Overall Truth: A decent start & a decent finish in my book nothing that you should go out of your way to see other than maybe Hogan quitting if your a Hogan fan. With BFG in 2 weeks TNA should be putting everything into their shows but right now just feels like another episode of Impact! 


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