Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton Ended in a double DQ
AR's Truth: Not bad exchange with Bryan, Orton but the brawling only extended what the fans wanted to see which made "Ratings" sense.

Sheamus & Christian Vs. Team Rhodes Scholars
AR's Truth: A basic match that had the hot tag from sheamus & finish was good with Cody & Damien being tied up on the ropes. Hopefully they don't try to push Sheamus & Christian as a full on tag team. Watchable match 1.5-5*

Kaitlyn Def Aksana 
AR's Truth: not even a match & the AJ mic work was okay but not up to her standards. Not my cup of Pepsi to say the least.

Chris Jericho Def Alberto Del Rio Via DQ
AR's Truth: A good match that had the right finish & the right amount of time. Maybe there will be a 3 way for the World Title which i don't want. Im tired of 3 ways of late. Ziggler got boo's from people who don't watch smackdown. good match 3-5* Match.

Ryback Def Great Khail
AR's Truth: So he got his ass beat for two minutes then landed one impactful move to end it. Yup you can fast forward it. .5-5*

John Cena comes out to address what happened last week on raw. He talks about about the prestige of the WWE title. He said you have to earn this title. He hyped up Henry then says there in the middle whoop ass season & in three weeks he see & beat him at MITB PPV.
AR's Truth: An actual good promo by cena that got straight to the point & non comical stuff. That's how he should do it.

#1 Contenders Match: The Uso's Def Tons Of Funk & 3MB
AR's Truth: A comedy match that had a certain winner. 

Paul Heyman & Cm Punk come out to talk about what happened last week. Punk runs down the wrap sheet of there relationship. Punk says he is coming for Brock Lesnar. He says lesnar isn't better than him. He ask him if Heyman told Lesnar to comeback & attack punk. Paul says he didn't know about Lesnar. Heyman talks about his friendship with Lesnar & Punk. Heyman said he will never represent anyone against punk. Punk looks around & says Im sorry i doubted you.
AR's Truth: A golden segment with these two. The end of it looked like Punk didn't believe him but Heyman killed it. Awesome stuff.

CM Punk Def. Darren Young
Backstage Segment with Ryback wanting a WWE title match at WWE MITB PPV. Jericho also wants the same thing so Ryback Vs. Jericho at MITB PPV is set.

Stephanie McMahon comes out & announces the Participants of the Money In The Bank WWE Title match are: Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Christian, Kane & RVD.
AR's Truth: that is a hell of a line up for that match. 

Mark Henry comes out & talks about his fake retirement speech last week. He says he has a lot of directors come ask him for roles but he used his friends & Family & how he should live. But he doesn't want to listen to them. HE does what he wants when he wants. He says he's coming WWE Champion.
AR's Truth: One of the best Henry promo that he has ever cut. He will lose at the ppv but the build up as been good & better than what we got with Ryback. Atleast he can cut a promo.

Street Fight Match: Daniel Bryan Def Randy Orton 
They start brawling in the ring & outside of it. Orton throws him back in the ring but he is dropped kicked out of the ring. DB goes for the suicide dive but Orton nails him with a steel chair. Well that's gonna be a fine by WWE. Back from break with A table in the corner & there trading punches then DB nails a clothesline. DB hulks up & nails a drop kick followed by several kicks in the corner. DB goes for another but a chair is thrown into DB face by Orton. Orton goes for a suplex on the apron which is a table set up . A drop kick by DB but orton stays on then DB goes under him & powerbombs him off the apron. Apparently in a street fight the falls have to be counted int he ring. Sense when? anyway DB grabs a kendo stick then nails him with it several time. Orton catches him the suplex him onto the table but doesn't break for a count of 2. They trade punches until DB gets the advantage but Orton drop kicks him. Orton puts DB on the top rope & goes for a suplex but knocked off. DB comes off the top but caught & powerbombed by Orton. Orton gets caught in the No Lock but Orton gets the cane & hits the crap out of him. Orton goes for the 2nd rope DDT & nails it. Orton goes for the RKO but rolled up. Bryan with a kendo stick shots then goes for the No Lock but Orton has the kendo stick but Orton uses it on him & Orton taps.
AR's Truth: The match of the night for sure. These guys had every spot that you wanted in a street fight. The powerbomb off the apron through a table was different but the spot of the nigh for sure was when Orton used the chair on DB head. He will get some heat from the back. Great 4-5* Match.

Overall Rating: These episode was a good one. Through out it had some spots where i worried but overall a rememberally show to say the least. Bryan winning the main event makes me believe he will win the WWE Title Ladder match at MITB PPV. Hopefully he challenges & wins it at Summerslam in august. Less HHH- McMahon drama which people bitch about. 

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