Opening Segment: Contract Signing with Daniel Bryan & John Cena
AR's Truth: What the hell was that? Okay fine the explanation from Cena was good but Maddox was so out of place with this. The several matches tonight i don't have a problem with but them Not building him but rather knocking him down was stupid. Cena being serious saved this segment for real.

Alberto Del Rio Defeats Sheamus
AR's Truth: A slow match at first but down the stretch got Decent. When they pointed out Sheamus leg you know ADR would take advantage. ADR needed a win & this lose to Sheamus didn't hurt him at all. Decent 2.5-5* Match.

Christian Defeats Titus O'Neal
AR's Truth: An okay match that was hopefully to see the younger guys get over but this might be a feud with the three guys. Watch for it but a Okay 2-5* Match

Ryback's Interview then Mark Henry In Ring Promo leading to a Shield Attack & The Uso's making the save:
AR's Truth: A well done Promo from Henry & as expected Save from the Uso's. This was good from all parts with all the parties having a new program. 

Dolp Ziggler Defeats Darren Young
AR's Truth: A decent match that had no bad in it. It was more than a squash match that saw Ziggler be on defense more than i would have liked to see. Decent 2.5-5*

The Miz TV Advertising Total Divas Segment:
AR's Truth: Quick & painless to get the show over.

Cody Rhodes Defeats Fandango 
AR's Truth: I love this feud with Rhodes & Sandow. Can't wait for the match, i just was they would give them some microphone time. Sandow is brilliant & Cody is showing of his talents. Decent match with the time they had 3-5*

CM Punk Vs. Paul Heyman Promo Segment:
AR's Truth: Punk was good but Heyman was golden. Anytime these two go at it on the mic its awesome & hopefully they can keep it up. This build has been excellent & the match is now official.

Rob Van Dam Defeats Wade Barrett
AR's Truth: A very stiff match that some decent stuff with again RVD hitting all of his signature moves. Nothing bad & more building up the return of the Hole F'ing Show.

Daniel Bryan Beating Jack Swagger, Antino Cesaro & Ryback. Cena makes the save & sets up a Main Event Tables match with Ryback for next week. Also the end of raw thoughts:

AR's Final thoughts: This show wasn't bad neither great. I felt like i wasn't ever gonna make it to the end of the show but the Cesaro Vs. Bryan match was awesome & made it fly back. Ryback getting put threw a table only set up a feud we already saw & want to forget with Ryback Vs. Cena. That shouldn't happen then Kane Vs. Bryan next week as well Why? Kane got took out by the Wyatt Family no need to have a match with his best friend. Doesn't make sense at all. I would give this a 5.5-10* rating of a show.

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