Opening Segment: Vince McMahon & Brad Maddox comes to the ring to kick of Raw. Brad apologizes for letting Cena choose his opponent (Daniel Bryan) Vince goes on to explain what a troll is. Vince list all the negatives with Bryan. Vince ask Brad how he really feels about Daniel Bryan & his music hits. Bryan comes to the ring & says the words from Brad about him came from MR. McMahon. Vince says nobody interrupts Vince McMahon Damn It!. Bryan says that everything he has done for WWE, Vince never gave him a chance. Vince fires back with do you respect John Cena. He says yes because he picked Bryan. Vince says Cena was lying about all the complements about him. Vince says Cena is making him a fool.  He says Bryan can't beat Cena because he doesn't have ruthless aggression. Vince says he doesn't want Cena to win because he walks around like he owns the place. Vince says he doesn't want Bryan to win either. Vince mocks Bryan height & the way Vince wins is Bryan & Cena disappear. Bryan says if Cena is Lying then he will have hell to pay. Bryan mocks Vince then says it doesn't matter what Vince thinks it matter what They think & let the yes chants starts. He says they want a new Champion at Summerslam.

AR's Truth: A very good promo by Bryan with Vince down grading Bryan was annoying. They need to build up Bryan not tear him down. What the hell does Vince have anything to do with this feud?.

The Shield Def Mark Henry and The Usos
AR's Truth: A very good match with the perfect amount of time. A couple commercial break i think helped the match & not made it drag. I see rematch at Summerslam with Uso's & Henry getting the win. Very good match 4-5*

Rob Van Dam Def Fandango via count out
AR's Truth: A actual fun match & the countless count outs in his matches are annoying but makes sense. It was a fun style of a match with RVD to continue his winning streak. Fun 2.5-5* match.

Kaitlyn Def  AJ Lee
AR's Truth: I like the feud & actually watch the matches but so many on Raw or Smackdown waters down the feud. Keep it PPV or end it already. Decent 2-5* Match.

Dolph Ziggler Def Big E via DQ
AR's Truth: A decent match that saw a reasonable DQ to prolong this match until summerslam. Im fearful that they will waste a match on Raw or Smackdown. Decent 2-5* Match.

Christian Def Alberto Del Rio
AR's Truth: A good match & this was a teaser to the real match they will have at Summerslam for those who don't watch summerslam. They will kill it at Summerslam but no more of these freebies on Raw or smackdown. Glad there giving Christian to go after something & ever since he has been back he has been on the top of the card which is a good thing. Good 3.5-5* Match.

Cody Rhodes Def Wade Barrett
AR's Truth: With Rhodes being  a Baby face i actually am enjoying his charter a lot. The promos by Sandow are brilliant & every time he gets on the microphone its entertaining. One of the better programs WWE has going for them right now. I hope Sandow goes over at summerslam in there match as i see him a world champion. Decent 2-5* Match. Your Welcome!

Daniel Bryan Def Kane
AR's Truth: A Okay back & forth match with the finish good to make Kane still look strong but Bryan gets the win is the only thing that matters. The chokeslam after the match looks like there is no more best friends which i don't like. Them attacking Kane is one of my highlights. Bray Vs. Kane at Summerslam is one of the rumored matches which i hope comes true. Huge fan of Bray. Okay 2.5-5* Match.

Brie Bella Def Natalya
AR's Truth: the only reason this match was on is because they been promoting Total Divas so they had the stars on there which is a smart move by WWE. 

Curtis Axel Vs. R-Truth ended in a no contest
AR's Truth: A watchable match but punk coming out probably helped much more then just a finish. Punk almost getting to Heyman this segment. Punk talking would have been even better though. 

HHH & Stephanie McMahon have a backstage segment with Vince McMahon. HHH ask what he is doing with Daniel Bryan & Vince says he wants someone t beat him like A HHH but a younger one. Stephanie points out they need to have a make over.
AR's Truth: A Make over for Daniel Bryan could be funny or really bad. They will have WWE.com post a poll or use the WWE app to see if fans want to see it. Whatever they do don't mess with beard. "Fear The Beard"

Tables Match: John Cena Def Ryback
AR' Truth:  A good tables match with a different approach to it. The finish made sense but honestly where does Ryback go from here. He keeps getting killed by Cena. The end made it as Bryan wants the title with the crowd behind him & Cena says it ain't your time yet / Im going to fight to keep this. 

Overall Rating: A good episode of raw that saw alot of Wrestling with the two top matches delivering. The main focus is the WWE title picture & Daniel Bryan which is good. Not to much filler & i would Rating for this show is a 7.5-10. 

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