What a boring ass PPV, Okay can’t be too negative so lets get into it.

World Title Match: Rob Van Dam defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ
The weirdest & strangest finish to have this feud continued. I don't see why they would extend this feud but battle ground here we come. It was cool to see a vanterimander once again. After this match i don't see them turning Ricardo now which is a shame. Decent but come on kind of match 2.5-5* Match. 

2 on 1 No DQ Handicap Match: Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel Def CM Punk

The match it self was what it was, I was expecting a little more than what we got so in that way it didn't get to my expectations but Punk got to Heyman & dished out some payback. My first choice wouldn't be Ryback but i think these two can tell a good story but have Heyman talk for the big guy for sure. I wanted this feud to end but it doesn't seem to. Maybe one more month or even Hell in a Cell we can get fresh feuds with Punk. Good but not great 3.5-5* Match.

Tag Team Title Match: The Shield (c) Def Prime Time Players

No surprise here but this has the possibility to have a really good feud with no bad matches. Let these guys interact on the Mic & see where it goes. Nice touch to see PTP win a out of the mix match. Decent 2-5* Match. 

WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan Def Randy Orton (c)

The match was very good down the stretch but i was expecting that. Orton who controlled the match was upset with the same old but effective moves on DB. Bryan hitting the Knee which i thought was going to be a false finished ended up being the final count. I like Bryan is champion & obviously this feud will continue. At the end of the match i didn't like the decision to have Bryan win so quickly & wanted him to earn it but if you look at it making sense they had to have him win it here. Of course they will have a rematch at Battle ground so let the bitching & moaning begin for the corporate on raw. Good & what i thought it would be but a nice touch with Bryan winning 4-5* Match. 

A short review but not much to say as i only saw two hours of the PPV due to my moms birthday plus a boring show at best. Overall rating a 4.5-10 just because Bryan won the title. Expect a rematch real soon though. 

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