Pre Show: Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes Def Tensai & Brodus Clay
If you missed it then no worries. A complete comedy match for 4 minutes & then they danced. Hopefully most of you missed it. As if they needed a match to sell someone to buy this ppv it didn’t work for me. Watchable 1.5-5*

World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio © Def Big Show
A good back & forth match. The finish was good with show being distracted with Ricardo but ADR missed a kick which show didn’t even flinch then he nailed the kick. Yes it was a botch but these two worked hard & hopefully this program is over. I would like to see ADR work against someone else.  Good 3-5 * Match

U.S Title Match: Antonio Cesaro (C) Def The Miz
A decent back & forth action match that saw Cesaro get the better hand. The finish where accidently fell onto Cesaro groin which caused the DQ is a finish that will unfortunately continue this feud. I like the miz but not a fan of Antonio wrestling. Don’t get me wrong some of what he does is good but were not in 1970 when we would put someone in about 5-10 headlocks in a 8 minute match. Other than that the U.S title has no real value so keep the belt on Cesaro as he has done a decent run with the title. A decent 2.5-5* Match.

#1 Contender For World Title Elimination Chamber Match: Jack Swagger Wins
Defiantly the match of the night by a long shot, But who would have thought Swagger would have won it. That came out of nowhere for sure. I like it though, He finally has someone to speak for him which is a good thing & Dutch has done a very good job for him. The new character for swagger fits him for now. As far as the chamber match it had everything you needed or expected from it. They actually used it & having one chamber match was ok. Do I like 2 well yeah but it didn’t hurt the ppv at all. Good 4-5* match.

The Shield Def John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback
A good 6 man tag that saw the shield have the majority of the offense. As far as Seeing Sheamus or ryback in the match it was all john cena for the most part. The typically Cena getting his ass beat for 10 minutes kind of match. I used to be a john cena fan but the past couple of years his character is the same & is ok but his wrestling is just plan boring. He used to be able to put on at least good matches every time he is in the ring & a back & forth match. The past couple years is the same old same. He gets beat down for the majority of the match then he mounts a comeback. Other than that the shield looked like a good team & running on all cylinders. They have bright futures. Good 3.5-5* match

Dolp Ziggler Def Kofi Kingston
A filler match that saw decent action but Kofi is just a mid-carder now who doesn’t look to go anywhere for the future. As for Dolp Ziggler he needs to get ride of Big E. Langston if he wants to be a world champion & be taken seriously. I’m still waiting on the day where he cashes in that damn briefcase. Filler 2.5-5 * Match.

WWE Divas Title Match: Kaitlyn (C) Def Tamina Snuka  
Just in plain & simple words it was a cool down match. If you missed it no worries. 

WWE Title Match: The Rock (C) Def Cm Punk
In my opinion as a mark for both guys this was not the best match or living up to hype. The rumble match was much better by a long shot. Very slow which got entertaining at the end. The rock looked way out of shape for the opening couple of minutes of the match. Punk did try to get the rock DQ & counted out throughout the match. As far as the match goes it was mostly punk & you could tell punk was taken care of the rock in the match by putting so many headlocks on, giving the rock time to catch his breath. A good match but not up to hype. Good 3.5-5* match.

I would give this ppv a 6.5-10*. Check out the world title , Elimination chamber & maybe the WWE Title Matches. If you think I was way to negative I have a serious cold so im not in the best of moods. 

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