World Title MITB Ladder Match: Damien Sandown Wins
AR's Truth: Sandow winning it was awesome. Im a huge fan of his & finally he gets a push. They will set up a Rhodes Vs. Sandow in the future for sure. Rhodes to be a face after the reaction from the crowd & don't be surprise on him somehow winning the Briefcase in a match. This match had awesome spots in it & really was the second in the match of the night. 4-5* great spot fest match.

Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel (c) Def The Miz
AR's Truth: This match was Decent but the only highlights was when Axel was on offense, Im become a fan of his & he is very talented. The Miz i've never been a fan of his. I don't know if they need to repackage him or what but something needs to change. Decent but this feud will hopefully end 2.5-5*
World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) Def Dolp Ziggler Via DQ
AR's Truth: This was the match of the night for me. Alot of people will think that is the world title ladder match but this match stole the show. With he show off Dolp Ziggler looking fantastic. The Build up to this match as been very good in my opinon & the match followed. The AJ Lee interference was not what i was looking for but he needs to get away from her to have the fans take him serious as a Face. Look for a Big E. Langston to turn on Ziggie. Awesome & Match of the Night 4.5-5
WWE Title Match: John Cena (c) Def Mark Henry
AR's Truth: Alot of people was amazed by this match but im not one of them. I was hooked in this feud but the first good 7 minutes was Henry throwing Cena around like nothing. Very slow & not my cup of tea. Henry can go with anyone so im not putting all the blame on him but the way Cena does his matches annoys the hell out of me. He will change his matches up with Punk or the rock other than that its the same stuff. Like i say later i think him & orton will have a match at Summerslam. Henry i don't want him to retire but if this was his last match its a cool way to go out. It was what it was Decent but great last five minutes 3-5*

WWE Title MITB Ladder Match: Randy Orton Wins
AR's Truth: Randy Orton winning i don't have a problem as long as they turn him heel. If they don't its a waste. Randy hasn't been in the Top title picture in awhile, so its a good change for him. I do think he will face John Cena at Summersalm for the WWE Title. Daniel Bryan getting cheated out by Curtis Axel. Well i don't think its a horrible down grade. I think his push will continue & from a character standpoint it goes for a tag team partner / weak link to an ass kicking machine. RVD was great in here hitting all the moves he is known for. CM Punk getting screwed over by Paul Heyman didn't have to happen here but it sets up A Brock Lesnar fight at Summerslam. This match was good & i think lived up to the hype 3-5*

Overall this PPV Rating is 6.5-10. The Ladder matches was great , the world title was great. The WWE Title match was decent & was slow for the first ten minutes of nothing but boring. The last five minutes was entertaining. As far as the under card i was intrigued or even interested in. Divas title match was standard. Ryback vs. Jericho was decent but the only thing good about it wa the near falls. The Intercontinental match i couldn't wait for it to be over.

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