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~Adam Page vs. ACH~

Page wins the match after rolling through a Crossbody by ACH into a pin

ML: What a great opener! It was a short but action packed match involving two rising and extremely talented stars. Page has the looks and the moveset to become something special in the business and being only 22 years of age makes his future look bright. ACH is perfect combination of technical ability with high flying spots that are executed flawlessly and effortlessly by him. If he continues to grow with this technical ability and is able to talk on the microphone, he has no limitations from becoming a huge, huge star. Impressive opener! 

~Nigel McGuiness Promo - Announces an Eight Man Tag Match for Glory by Honor which will put the Champions on one team against the Number One Contenders to each title on the other team - Michael Elgin is announced for the "All-Stars" team - Jay Briscoe and Elgin interrupt and have exchange words with each other~

ML: Effective promo work here from Jay Briscoe and Michael Elgin. I still haven't heard the official word about the Briscoes in ROH, but from the lack of storyline building with them, it looks more like Jay is being paid on a pay per appearance basis right now. Hopefully they can work something out with ROH and rejoin the company they help build. As for the announcement by McGuiness, I like the creative idea behind getting all the number one contenders to face the Champions, but not having your ROH World Championship defended on a PPV doesn't seem very appealing - like the creativity but have to question if it's the smartest idea.

~Mike Mondo vs. Roderick Strong~

Strong wins the match after hitting a Double Underhook Powerbomb on Mondo for the pinfall.

ML: So, Mike Mondo is back with a new look. It's awful. Plain black trunks, a haircut, clean shaven and black boots and kneepads. What made Mondo stand out before has been completely stripped of him and now he's generic. As for the match, Mundo was completely unimpressive and major letdown in this match considering his ability and how many good matches he's had in ROH in the past. Roddy did his past with what was present to him but overall the match lacked fluidity and execution. Strong was able to showcase some of his major talents throughout the match and that was fun to see. Hopefully, Mondo is able to return to form in the future.

~Roderick Strong Promo - Puts his resume over - calls himself "Mr. ROH"~

ML: Strong's voice has always been a tough thing to overlook when he cuts a promo, but I've always felt Strong is underrated on the mic because of his voice. This promo was a good and solid promo putting himself over. He has EARNED the nickname "Mr. ROH" easily and there isn't anyone else in the company who deserves it. He has been their most consistent and one of their best performers for ten strong years.

~Marshall Law(QT Marshall & RD Evans w/ Veda Scott) vs. Outlaw INC.(Homicide & Eddie Kingston)

Outlaw INC. gets the win after Homicide pins RD Evans after hitting a double team top rope Bulldog for the pinfall.

ML: Squash match putting over Outlaw INC. It looks the ROH management team has reached out and signed Homicide and Kingston to contracts and decided to make them a tag team to help add to their already talented pool of teams in the division. The current gimmick looks like Outlaw INC are mental patients, but as faces. It's an interesting gimmick for the team and Kingston and Homicide can easily pull it off. 

~ROH World Television Championship Match~(c) Matt Taven vs. Jay Lehtal

Taven wins the match after hitting "The Climax" on Lethal for the pin.

ML: Match of the night! Taven continues to impress me the further his TV title reign goes on - we're six months into the reign now and every match he's continued to improve. Jay Lethal is going to continue to put on good match after good match until he gets his opportunity to challenge for the ROH World Championship again in the future. A brief little feud between Taven and Lethal for the title could be a good way to keep Lethal relevant.

~Final Thoughts~

ML: Another good and solid show put together by ROH. The quality of matches put on by this company is undeniably the best in the North American market. I understand there's a lot of high quality independent companies but ROH continues to improve with excellent storytelling in the ring and they're improving on the creative side of things by making interesting gimmicks and matches that don't take away from the overall quality of wrestling the fans receive. We received two really good matches, despite the opener being short it was high quality, and we received some interesting developments. The main event for Glory by Honor was announced and a new tag team featuring a former ROH World Champion(Homicide) looks to add an interesting element to the already stacked tag team division. Good show! You should check it out!

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