Opening Segment: Randy Orton comes out, He starts talking about the beat down he and the Shield gave the Big Show last week. He says he will retain his title at Survivor Series. He adds that since Triple H and Stephanie are on vacation he is in control. Brad Maddox comes out and announces that he is in charge of Raw tonight. He is about to make a match but the new Director of Operations Kane makes his way out. Kane says he is now in charge but Maddox makes the point that he is has done this longer than Kane has. He makes a match but Kane makes a change to his match adding Goldust. They argue until Vickie Guerrero comes to the stage. She Randy Orton’s match a handicap against the Rhode Brothers up next. 

AR’s Truth: A decent opener but Kane staying as the Kane character while in a suit made no sense and made him goofy. The no lead authority figure was a nice touch but leading to a match that is just a thrown together didn’t interest me. 

Rhode Brothers Def. Randy Orton Via count out 
After the match the Big Show comes to the ring and they start brawling. Big Show gets the table ready and Choke slams him through the announce table. 

AR’s Truth: Basic matches here with the right finish from Orton. Shouldn’t they have ended the show with this? Think about it. Where is Michael Cole going to put his ice for his black eye? Big Show has done an awesome job in his role and this is a step his character needed. Basic 2-5* Match. 

Damien Sandow Def. Kofi Kingston 
Ar;s Truth: a lack luster match to say the least. Another standard match with a good stuff down the stretch. Not a lot of time to develop stuff either. 

Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel © Def. Dolp Ziggler 
AR’s Truth: A really good back and forth action match. I hope and believe this will not be the last time we see this match. Expect a Smackdown and defiantly a Survivor Series match. Good stuff 3.5-5* Match. It is funny how Ziggler has been jobbed out but all of a sudden he gets a title shot. 

Fandango Def. Tyson Kidd
Ar’s Truth: a fun match that will probably lead to another match from these two especially with the Total Divas hype video. Fun match 3-5* the real question is how long do they keep Tyson kidd into a real program and no just being a jobber. He gets over with the fan and there it’s a charisma about him. His matches are out of the norm and if they do this well it could be a good feud. 

John Cena Def. The Real Americans
AR’s Truth: A very good back and forth action match through the middle of the match to the end. False finishes made it seem like Cena was going to lose. With Del Rio being on commentary was way too predictable for the attack. Still with the attack Del Rio seems flat going into this match no matter what they do to get heat with him. As far as the Real Americans i don’t think it kills there momentum as they lost to the world champion. 

Ryback Def. R Truth
AR’s Truth: a snore fest of a match that the crowd wasn’t into at all until the surprise roll up. This feud will continue. Skip it 1.5-5* Match. 

Alberto Del Rio Def. Big E. Langston 
AR’s Truth: Good stuff here and with Langston losing doesn’t hurt him just feel like he could be a big star down the line. He gets more of a reaction in his matches than Del Rio who is challenging for a title. Ouch, good match 3.5-5* Match. 

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield go to a no contest
The Wyatt’s and the shield start bawling but they quickly tagged up against Punk and Bryan. They beat down both men until the Uso’s and Rhode Brothers come down to make the save to end the show.

AR’s Truth: the main event was ok but I was so burned out that I could have cared less. The teasing of the Shield vs. the Wyatt family was way too soon. With the rest of the baby faces tag team feels like we will get an Original survivor series match from them. The shield and one other person vs. Rhode brothers and the uso’s maybe. 

For the second week in a row this edition was flat and didn’t do anything to sell the survivor series PPV. No new matches add nor peak my interest in it. I even wrote a column on it which I will put a link down below. This felt again like a house show with two talking segments. I want to see storylines expand and develop not a bunch of random matches thrown together. 

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