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Dean Ambrose defeats Dolph Ziggler with his face driver finisher to retain the US Title. 
^Great match(for how short it was) to kick off Main Event! Anytime Ziggler gets in the ring with someone who possesses more than an ounce of talent, it's worth watching. I wish Ziggler was doing more in the upper ranks, but at least we see him wrestle on a regular basis and he still gives a hundred plus percent.

Santino and Tons of Funk defeat the 3MB. 
^Santino pulled out the cobra and executed it on Mahal for the win. He's(Santino) an underused talent in my opinion when you look at his popularity, but at least we get to see his fun character from time to time. More of a filler match, but not awful by any stretch.

Damien Sandow defeats R-Truth.
^It sure feels like Truth has become a resident jobber to all heels. I'm okay with it, but it's starting to become very predictable that he won't be winning too many matches. I'm excited for Sandow's potential upcoming World Title run. 

The Great Khali defeats Fandango in the final match of the night.
^I'm going to attack this one from two angles. First, see anything I've written about Khali in the past and what a joke it is for him to be on TV. Second, see what most internet using fans of wrestling have said about the confusing booking of Fandango. Put the two together and what do you get? Horrific booking; I'm shocked. Not the best way to close out a show that started off pretty good.

Four matches on a show that used to feature two? Even with Ziggler and Ambrose doing what they do, I still have to score the show with an ever so slight thumbs down for the suspect booking of wrestlers who possess talent. Four matches was too many, and anything with Khali automatically decreases the overall quality. Thanks for reading!
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