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 Really, the show never left, but WWEhas made Main Event an afterthought as of late, with much of the attention focused on a frivolous attempt to makeSmackDown relevant again.

That ended on Wednesday night with a mostly star-studded card full of interesting angles and matches, highlighted by a showdown between The Shield's Seth Rollins and Goldust:

But that wasn't all. The main selling point of the edition that has seemingly turned things around for Main Event came when Damien Sandow, owner of the Money in the Bank briefcase, went head-to-head with Dolph Ziggler.

All in all, it was an impressive night with some of the best talent WWE has to offer on display. Here's how things went down.

Seth Rollins Defeated Goldust
On Sunday at Hell in a Cell, The Shield takes on the Rhodes brothers, so this was a stellar way for WWE to build hype.

It's great to see Goldust back in the ring, who is right in the middle of a great career resurgence as one half of the tag champs with Cody Rhodes.

While Goldust was able to get plenty of offense in during the match, which of course led to some amazing sells by Seth Rollins (perhaps the best in the business outside of Dolph Ziggler), it was Rollins who emerged victorious after Roman Reigns distracted Rhodes on the outside and Rollins grabbed a sneaky pin. 

Real Americans Defeated Prime Time Players
The WWE has done an amazing job of rebuilding the tag team division, which may not be better represented than through the quality outings from Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro.

While the Prime Time Players are a known commodity (that's not a bad thing), Swagger and Cesaro are just hitting their stride after looking 100 percent lost and without a use just a few months ago.

This one was a bit on the short side, but quality nonetheless.

As if it were not painfully obvious from the reactions above, Cesaro was able to land his impressive swing before Swagger capped things off with the Patriot Lock.

The match served as just another example of how deep the WWE roster truly is at this point. As far as tag teams go, either of these duos could step up to the plate next and the title picture would not skip a beat.

Funkadactyls Defeated Alicia Fox and Aksana
That was fast.

The Divas division is currently in a renaissance of its own, but fans would not know it with the way this matchup turned out.

There was plenty of potential in the ring thanks to Naomi and Aksana, but when only half the participants in the ring are above average, it's hard for everyone to look good.

Naomi scored the big win in the end, but this was certainly not the highlight of the night. Naomi, at least, seems to be in the spotlight and on to bigger things soon.

Damien Sandow Defeated Dolph Ziggler
What in the world is WWE doing with Damien Sandow?

Rather than cut consistent promos and contend for a championship, Sandow has, at least for the moment, been shoved to the side for the returning John Cena.

Remember, Sandow holds the Money in the Bank briefcase. There are certainly intriguing things in his future, but it's hard to tell with him confined to Main Event.

Regardless, he picked up the win in a quick match here in what was predictably a very good match between two of the best on WWE's roster.

Much of the same can be said for Ziggler, who has absolutely no direction in the company right now. Regardless, two of WWE's top workers put on an outstanding show provided the minimal amount of time the two had to work with.

Both Ziggler and Sandow have bright futures within the company, as does the majority of talent that was on display Wednesday. Business is good.

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