Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel
 Solid match, but they really held back compared to most Main Event openers. I've seen both men hit a higher gear before, and the late match never really achieved a good level of intensity. 

R-Truth defeated Damien Sandow
Reaction: That's absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason for Sandow to be losing as much as he has since gaining the briefcase, especially when he loses matches with WWE's undercard acts like Truth. The briefcase does nothing for wrestlers if they are treated like a joke while they are holding it. 

The Wyatt Family defeated the Primetime Players
Reaction: The running big boot Harper hit on Young towards the end of the match looked positively viscous. Quick and chaotic match, but it managed to be entertaining. There was an air of desperation from Young and O'Neill that added more to this short match than we usually get from WWE squashes. Overall, this was an entertaining edition of Main Event that ended on a high note. Thanks for following along with me. 

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