Opening Segment
Reaction: A solid open to the show that further cemented Triple H's dominance over the show. Personally, I'm not a fan of how much time Hunter is eating up on television, but he has been delivering solid performances in the roles he's been given.

Randy Orton defeated RVD at 14:32.
Reaction: A match that was much better on television due to missing the snoozefest that took place during the long commerical break. RVD got a great crowd reaction and Orton still got a favorable reaction for the finish. I hope they have him start attacking the crowds in him promos to rile people up. 

Bryan promo + AJ Lee backstage segment.
Reaction: A good promo from Bryan, and an angle that makes sense with AJ considering where they have been going with the divas. It looks like Total Divas cast vs. everybody else is where they are going. 

Ryback defeated Dolph Ziggler at 4:02. 
Reaction:  An ok match that further teased the Ambrose and Ziggler feud. Ziggler looked like a putz for running after Ambrose, because he had the advantage in the match and Ambrose wasn't really the aggressor. The match was a little slow during Ryback's offense, but not so much that it detracted from the match. 

Kofi Kingston defeated Curtis Axel at 9:58. 
Reaction:  A fun match due to the chants, but otherwise a pretty unremarkable effort. Heyman's facial expressions stood out more than anything else. 

Cesaro and Swagger defeated The Usos at 3:42.
Reaction: The tag match was fast paced, and it had the effect of creating chaos, and on the other end of the coin nobody really had a chance to sell anything. As a result the finish came out of nowhere and the crowd didn't know how to react to it. Very cool spot with the uppercut though. 

Big Show defeated 3MB at 2:18.
Reaction: A total squash that looked brutal. Mahal took 5 or 6 big slaps to the chest, and I can't image that felt good at all. Show looked dominant, but he needs to do something similar to The Shield to make the crowds really go crazy. 

Daniel Bryan defeated Seth Rollins at 6:02.
Reaction: Far and away the best match of the night. The crowd was pumped for Bryan and he and Rollins delivered a fine match. The German Suplex and the running knee spots looked great and the crowd absolutely went nuts for the finish. Overall, this show went by pretty quickly, but it didn't feel particularly memorable. The final match and the opener were well done television matches, but the in between didn't feel very important.

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