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Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Gauntlet: Bro-Mans Defeats Bad Influence, Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez,  Joseph Park & Eric Young 

The Main Event video package is show.

 Bull Ray comes to the ring & talks about how they think Aces & Eights are dead but he has news for us. He wants them to think that but tonight is about rebirth of the aces & eights. He says he will beat Styles, Aces & eights are bound for glory.

We get all the main matches video packages for tonight’s PPV. 

Ultimate X for the X Division Title: Samoa Joe Vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin vs. Manik (c)
First off I’ll do my best but his will be hectic. It starts off with Sabin climbing up but goes to the outside then back in to grab aries. They all start brawling. Joe with several kicks to Sabin in the corner. Joe with a big side kick in the corner then a snap nare followed by a kick but Manik nails a drop kick taking out Joe. Aries starts climbing up the cables but dragged down & sent outside. Hardy & Manik double team Sabin but Manik turns on both guys & takes them down. Manik locks in the sharpe shooter but Sries attacks him from behind. Areis with a big suplex on the knee of Manik. Aries goes to the top rope & climbs but Hardy takes him down & nails a inside flip front slam. Hardy geos under the ring & grabs a ladder. Joe hits a forearm dive to Hardy. Joe brings the ladder in the ring but drop kicked in the face by Sabin. Manik takes out Joe then to end it all Aries takes out Joe & Manik from the top rope. Aries back in the ring, he goes to the cables but Manik brings him down & they exchange right hands. An uppercut from Manik & kicks Sabin. He sends Areis to the outside & hits a spring board hurricanronna to the outside for Sabin. Joe brings Aries back in the ring where he lands right hands in the corner. Joe puts him on top rope & goes for the muscle buster but Aries with a leg takedown. Aries hits a drop kick in the corner on Hardy & Joe. Aries goes for the brain buster but Joe blocks & locks in rear naked choke with a swing. Manik climbs the cables but Joe brings him down on his knee then a splash for giggles. Sabin drop kicks him from behind then goes after Hardy. Sabin throws hardy in the corner but Jeff hits whisper in the wind. Hardy brings the ladder in the ring & Himself with Joe climbs the ladder. Joe sends Hardy off but Aries drop kicks Joe off the ladder. AA climbs the ladder as Manik climbs the cables. They battle until Sabin pushes them off the ladder. Sabin picks up Hardy & slams him face first. Sabin with a kick but blocked & Hardy nails twist of fate. Sabin throws Velvet Sky in the ring & distracts Hardy. Sabin grabs the title & nails Hardy with it to win the match. 

Winner & New X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

We get the AJ Styles Greatest moments video package. 

Bad Influence comes out & they talks about that there not wrestling for the titles that it’s a embarrassment. They point out that they have beat Hernandez & Chavo. Young & Park isn’t a tag team. Then they point out TNA flaws with so many matches & want them to add them to the tag tem title match. Eric Young comes out & says they have created a monster. Bad Influence attack EY only to have Abyss return to save Young. He hits the black hole slam on Daniels & Kaz.

The tag team champions does a interview about how the “bro-man’s” aren’t really men & don’t forget “sorry about your damn luck!”

Tag Team Titles: James Storm & Gunner (c) vs. Bro-Mans 
The champions send out the challengers to the outside & Storm brings in Jesse to start things off. Storm with a big hip toss & tags in Gunner.  Off the tag Gunner with a big elbow then Jesse fights back with right hands but eats a knee followed by a sling shot suplex for 2. Gunner walks into a slam & tides turn with Robbie E getting the tag & they beat down gunner with basic tag team strategy. Gunner with a huge knee but Jesse takes out storm allowing them stay in control. Out of nowhere Gunner lands a press follow way off the top rope. Storm gets the hot tag & clears house. Storm with a series of kicks to Jesse.  Gunner  hits a back breaker but when he goes for his finisher Jesse broke it up. Gunner hit a power bomb as Storm hits a knee back breaker for 2 count as Jesse broke it up. Jesse with right hands but walks into a knee crusher to the face. Robbie throws the title in the ring to distracts the referee then attacks storm from behind. Moments later they win with their clothesline finisher. 

Winner & New Champions: Bro-Mans

Kurt Angle Hall Of Fame Ceremony footage is shown. 

They bring out Sting & starts talking about how it meant to him for being the 1st TNA Hall Of Fame inductee but now Kurt Angle as 2nd is just cool. He runs down Angle rap sheet. Kurt comes to the ring, He says that TNA means so much to him that he can’t describe. Sting says welcome to the Hall Of Fame then receives the Rolex watch. Angle says that he has let everyone down & living up to his potential so which is why he rejects the HOF watch. He says that nothing he has done but in the future it will top all of it then he will join Sting in the Hall Of Fame.

Dixie Carter & Ethan Carter 3 talk backstage about his opponent for tonight. 

Knockouts Title Triple Threat: ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke 
ODB clotheslines both women then a big suplex on Brooke. ODB sends Gail to the outside then kicks from Brooke. She hits a stink face in the corner. ODB with a boob bump then a bronco buster then she goes for the pin but broken up by Gail. Brooke sends Gail out of the ring then right hands to the champion. Brooke with a face plant off the top rope. Brooke gets thrown In the corner but Brooke fires out of the corner with a forearm. Brooke says in control until Gail takes her down & locks in the figure four on the ring post. ODB spears Gail out of nowhere then ODB & Brooke exchange right hands until Brooke rolls her up. ODB takes her down then locks in the Sharpe shooter but Gail breaks it up. Gail goes to the top rope but Brooke & ODB joins them, ODB goes for a double suplex but they shove her off then Gail nails a drop kick but when she was down Brooke hits an elbow. ODB gets fired up & clotheslines them, She hits a long suplex on Gail for a count of  2. Brooke throws the referee in the way where ODB clotheslines & Gail drop kicks him. ODB picks both girls up but Brooke gets off then ODB suplex Gail onto Brooke. Lei'D Tapa comes out & they stare off. They start fighting on the stage then hits a big boot to stop her. Lei'D powerbombs Brooke & Gail covers her for the win. Lei'D celebrates with gail

Winner & New Champion: Gail Kim

Bobby Roode does a backstage interview about how he is more worthy of a HOF watch then him. He says he made him tap out once & he will do it again.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode
They start off in a mat wrestling fashion. They eventually fight to the floor with Roode nailing a suplex but blocked & Angle hits one of his own. Angle sends him back in the ring then goes for a suplex off the apron but blocked & Roode racks the eyes & uses the ropes to his advantage. Roode works the neck (Angle broke his neck in 1996) Back in the ring where he chops him in the corner. A clothesline in the corner then a neck breaker. He continues to work the neck until Angle fights out of a headlock. Angle with right hands but eats an elbow by Roode. Bobby gets back in control but Angle hits some clotheslines then a series of German suplex’s. Angle with a big belly to belly then a 3rd german suplex for a count of 2. Angle goes for the angle slam but blocked & Roode hits the spine buster for 2. Roode gets taken down & Angle locks in the ankle lock but Roode gets out of it. Angle runs shoulder first into the ring post. He locks in the cross face but Angle gets to the ropes. Roode puts Angle on the top rope backwards but Angle fights back & Roode falls. Angle hits the moonsult but Roode moves & locks in the cross face. Angle grabs the ankle & locks in the ankle lock but Roode rolls through & locks in the cross face once again. Angle rolls through but Roode tries to back slide him but blocked & Roode gets the cross face but angle rolls through & his the angle slam out of nowhere for 2. They exchange right hands until Angle hits an German suplex but on the second Roode low blows Angle. The referee doesn’t see it & Roode hits a big suplex for a count of 2. Roode picks up Angle but Kurt rolls through once again & locks in the ankle lock. Roode doesn’t tap & when the refree raised his hand Roode grabbed the rope. Kurt picks him up & sets him on the turn buckle. Angle hits the Angle slam off the top rope. Roode covers Angle for the win. 

Winner: Roode

After the match the Doctor check on him & he walks to the back. 

Ethan Carter 3 Vs. Norv Fernum
EC3 beats him down for the entire match (Squash) & wins with his finisher. No words.

Magnus does a backstage interview saying he is knocking on the door & he will beat the legend tonight. 

Magnus vs. Sting
They squared off then testing out the waters kind of moments. Sting with a hip toss but an uppercut from Magnus. He helps sting back in the ring but quickly clotheslines him. Magnus locks in a body scissors. Magnus lets go & works the body of Sting. Sting fires back with right hands then hits the stinger splash & locks in the scorpion lock but Magnus gets out of it. They both clothesline each other. Sting with several right hands but to no effect. Magnus with a stinger splash & a suplex for count of 2 Magnus goes for a Sharpe shooter but Sting blocks it. Magnus with right hands does nothing. Sting hits a stinger splash then locks in the scorpion lock but Magnus gets to the ring. Sting goes for a stinger splash but Magnus nails an uppercut then a scorpion death drop. Magnus hits an elbow off the top rope for 2. Magnus goes for it again but Sting moves. Sting goes for a scorpion death drop but Magnus hits a series of elbows to block it. Sting with a wild right hand but Magnus locks in the clover leaf & sting taps. 

Winner: Magnus

Bully Ray does a backstage interview about how AJ fears him. He says he will beat him where he will live with himself knowing that he lost to Ray. 

World Heavyweight Title Match: Bully Ray (c) Vs. AJ Styles
Ray is on the attack first but AJ catches him with a drop kick. AJ gets distracted & Ray grabs the hammer but when he goes to hit him with it he Kicks him in the face. Ray with a big chop to the chest & back. Ray mocks Hulk Hogan then more chops to the chest. AJ Styles Asks him for more & Ray gives it to him. Styles with right hands in the corner but is clotheslined by Ray.  They exchange right hands then takes out the knee of the big guy. Knux comes to the ring & choke slams him for a count of 2. Ray accidently clotheslines Knux to take him out of the match. Ray with a right hand then sends Styles out of the ring. Ray has the hammer but when he goes to hit him AJ hits a side kick. AJ goes to hit him with the hammer he doesn’t. He lays Rays on the table & he spring board 450 splash but Ray moves out of the way. Ray starts cutting all the ties on the ring to have the mat & padding off of the ring to expose the wood. Ray motions for I guess Aces & Eights members but Dixie Carter comes to the ring. She hands him a chair but Styles hits a spring board forearm to Ray. Styles hits a Spring board 450 but when he goes for the cover, Dixie stops him. He goes on to count after the delay & Ray kicks out on two. Styles goes for the Styles Clash on the wood but Ray back drops him on the expose boards. Ray goes to the top rope & hits a big back splash for a count of 2. Ray hits him with several chair shots. Ray goes for pile driver but Styles gets out & hits the pay lay. Styles hits him with the steel chair then finishes it off with a spinal tap for the win.

Winner & New World champion: AJ Styles

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