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We get the video package highlighting Aces & eights vs Team TNA in lethal lockdown match, Bully Ray Vs Jeff Hardy for the world title. It all begins right now!!!

X Divison Title Match: Kenny King © Vs Christian York Vs Zema Ion
They jump king then ion drop kicks York. Ion catches an elbow then York drop kicks king. A clothesline by York on ion. King & York trade shots until king goes to the outside of the ring but York hits a suicide dive onto king then ion gets kicked in the face when he goes for one. King tries to spring board off of ion back then flys back with a elbow which hits his head hard. Ion comes off the top rope with a corkscrew onto York & king. Back in the ring with ion on top of York with king coming off the top rope tackling ion. York gets a count of 2. York hits a suplex for a count of 2 on king. King uses the ropes to his advantage for a count of 2. King throws some shots but York battles back with some chops. Back & forth we goes until king suplex him but ion knocks him down as there on the top rope. Ion hits a hurricanronna on king which lands onto York. Ion hits a suplex on York then a spring board moonsult for a count of 2. Ion grabs York but king grabs the hair of ion which knocks him down. York kicks ion down then comes off the top rope with a leg drop for a count of 2 on king. York gets grappled by ion then thrown in the corner with York thrown ion on the apron but ion hits a leg drop followed by a baseball slide on king. He hits a ddt on York for a count of 2. Ion goes to the top rope but king knocks him down. King on the ramp & suplex ion on it followed by a spring board leg drop. York drags ion in the ring for a count of 2. King goes for a suplex but blocked by king with knee’s. King puts ion in the corner then goes up top & picks him up. York comes under him & they all go flying. York gets a 2 count cover on both men. York fired up with clothesline, spinning kicks & a bull dog. York catches king with a back suplex. York hits a spinning neck breaker on ion for a count of 2. King grabs York  but York kicks him in the head. Ion racks both guys back then they double team ion. King gets a DDT & neck breaker double team Wow. Ion gets kicked in the face then ion is on the top rope but kicked in the face. York goes to the top rope & stomped ion in the head. York goes for mood swing but king interrupt. King takes out ion then hits a suplex but York rolls through for a counts for 2. King goes for it again but blocked.  King hit the Royal Flush for the win.

Winner & Still Champion: Kenny King ©

Bad Influence does a backstage interview about winning the tag team championships.

Joseph Parks Vs Joey Ryan
Before the match Ryan does a promo about Fat people, About how about big Parks is. Parks says San Antonio rocks & gets a cheap pop. Onto the match with Ryan taking a cheap shot then Ryan throws oil in his eyes but parks chases him out of the ring. JP brings Ryan in the hard way then a couple of hip tosses then a punch. JP gets kicked in the face but when Ryan comes off with a suplex he just bounces off JP. JP misses a splash in the corner then Ryan takes him down. Ryan kicks the back of the leg of JP, kicks the head. Ryan gets a count of 2 several times. Ryan throws a couple of shots then rubs his chest into the face of JP. Ryan hits a forearm shot followed by him getting thrown to the apron but he gets on the top rope with Ryan hitting a drop kick for a count of 2. Ryan rubs himself but JP grabs his chest hair then a wedgey. JP picks him up for a slam then Jp hits a splash in the corner. JP goes to the top rope but misses the splash. Ryan comes off the top with a roll through but JP just sits on him for the win.

Winner: Joseph Parks

Knockouts Title Match: Velvet Sky Vs Gail Kim 
The bell rings and Sky surprises Kim right off the bat, trying to roll her up for a quick victory. Gail is able to turn things around with a roll up of her own, and Sky reverses it. Sky hits a headscissors and a big neckbreaker on Kim that’s good for two. Kim rolls to the apron and Sky hits a dropkick that sends her to the outside. Sky heads to the apron and flies off, crashing down on top of Kim. Kim pushes Sky back into the ring post. Kim sends things back into the ring and pins Sky for two. Kim hits Sky with a nasty kick before sending her into the corner and hitting a running spear. Sky heads back into the ring and hits Kim with a forearm, but she’s slammed to the ring for another two count. Kim chokes Sky against the middle rope and it’s broken up by Taryn. Kim gets in Taryn’s face, arguing with her before slapping her hard. Kim yells in her face and tells Taryn to DQ her. Taryn almost does, but she turns around instead and slams Kim down to the mat, grabbing her by her hair and slamming her head to the mat repeatedly. Kim gets up and doesn’t look too happy, but Sky turns her around and hits In Your Face to get the three count.

Winner & Still Champion: Velvet Sky (C)

Rob T VS Robbie E
Robbie asks for Terry to listen, and he gives him a big hug. Terry doesn’t look like he’s into it as the crowd chants to ‘hug it out’. Terry shrugs Robbie off. Robbie isn’t too happy about it, stretching out and doing a couple of squats before locking on a headlock. Terry fights out of it with one hand, dropping Robbie to the mat. Robbie scrambles into the ropes before going for Terry’s leg. Terry picks Robbie up and drops him to the mat with a gut-wrench slam. Robbie tries to use his quickness, but he’s popped up into the air by Terry. Terry misses a splash in the corner, and Robbie tries to punch away at his shoulder, but Terry grabs him around the throat. Robbie breaks his grip and hits him with a couple of chops before bailing to the apron. Terry reaches over and Robbie drops his arm across the top rope before targeting the knee and bringing him to the mat for a one count. Robbie puts on a sleeper, but Terry stands up to his feet. He stumbles around the ring, but doesn’t do anything to get Robbie off his back, so he ends up fading and dropping down to one knee. Terry still won’t die, fighting up to his feet. Robbie jumps on Terry’s back, but Terry backs himself into the corner, squashing Robbie. Robbie is able to catch Terry with a boot, but he’s dropped with a nice elbow, then clothesline. Terry slams Robbie down to the mat hard, then shoulders him and pops him up for a spinebuster. Terry pins Robbie, and gets the three count.

Winner: Rob T

Austin Aries Does a backstage Interview about his tag team championship match.

Tag Team Title Match: Austin Aries & Bobby Roode © Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Vs Bad Influence
Chavo & Roode kick things off, before they go Daniels tags himself in. chavo & Daniels kick it off now. Shoulder block onto Daniels. They trade back & forth. The beat down continues with Super mex comes in then back drops Kaz. Everyone now is but the Mexican tag team is in control. Hern hits a splash in the corner then a drop kick by chavo onto Daniels. Hern hits a suplex then chavo a spring board front flip. More double team work with Hern suplex Daniels then back in chavo with a drop kick for a count of 1. Kaz is now in but is hip tossed then more double team work by Hern & Chavo. Kaz goes to the top rope with a drop kick onto hern. Kaz beats down hern then tags in Daniels. Some double team work with Daniels getting a count of 2. Daniels beats down hern then kaz back in with a suplex but its blocked & chavo gives one of his own. Chavo hits a head scissors then a suplex. 3 amigos later on kaz but roode comes in but gets suplex. When chavo goes for the 3rd Aries blocks it then eats one of his own. Now everyone is brawling. Back to normal, Double team work by dan & kaz as Daniels is in full control with a knee to the face. Daniels hits a spring board elbow then kaz with a leg drop for a count fo 2. Daniels in off more double team work for a count of 2. Daniels puts in a head submission but chavo fights out but Daniels throws him down & mocks the champions. Chavo hits a drop kick but now roode is in & attacks chavo. BR (roode) hits a elbow for a count of 2. Some double team by the champions. Chavo fights back but the champions shut him down. Chavo attacks the champions then him & BR hit a double clothesline. Hern & aries is now in but wait aries takes everyone out including chavo. Daniels & aries gets into a pushing match then both team go at it. Its down to aries & kaz who hit a double tackle. Hern has aries up then throws him in the air. Hern clothesline Roode & kaz. Hern has aries up then this a double back breaker for a count of 2. Hern grabs aries & border hit him. Daniels takes hern out then chavo takes him out. Kaz hits a DDT on Br followed by a fade to black but blocked. Br hits a spinebuster but aries is knockdown on the rope. Daniels & Daniels brawl until Hern hits a spring board shoulder block. Daniels is caught by hern who hits a powerbomb. Kaz & Chavo is on the top rope but is thrown off then aries & hern goes over the top rope. Daniels gets pushed off the top rope as chavo goes for frog splash & hits it but he isn’t the legal guy. Chavo gets thrown outside by aries & roode covers him for the win. Very all over the place.

Winners & still champions: Roode & Aries ©

Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle Vs Wes Brisco
Angle takes him over with a nice German suplex. Brisco catches Angle in the corner, burying his shoulder in Angle’s gut. Brisco tries to escape the cage, but Angle pulls him down and takes him to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Angle sends Brisco down to the mat, where he begins laying in a couple of boots. Angle hits him with a couple of big right hands in the corner before burying his shoulder in Brisco’s midsection. Angle misses a running spear in the corner, hitting his shoulder on the ring post. Brisco turns things around, mounting Angle and hitting him with a couple of big right hands. Brisco rips off Angle’s shirt and wraps it around his throat, choking him for a bit. Brisco locks in a rear chin lock, but Angle is quick to fight out of it. Angle goes up to the middle rope and actually hits a missile dropkick to Brisco’s gut to knock him back. Angle hits Brisco with a running clothesline, then a second and third. Angle heads to the top rope and tries for a frog splash, but he misses the target. Wes tries to roll up Angle, but only gets a two count. Angle comes back with an Angle slam, planting Brisco on the mat, and both men are down. Angle gets up, but catches a low blow from Brisco. Angle falls to his knees and Brisco crawls toward the cage door. Angle grabs him by the ankle and drags him back into the middle of the ring. Brisco counters out of it. Brisco heads up to the top of the cage, but he’s pulled down by Angle until they’re both standing on the top rope. Angle launches Wes with a huge belly to back suplex. Angle tries for a shoulderblock, but wipes out the ref. Angle clamps on the ankle lock, and Brisco taps, but there’s no ref to see it. Angle gets out of the cage but DLO Brown throws him back in then takes wes out as the refree finally gets up & rings the bell.

Winner: Wes Brisco

Lethal Lockdown Match: Team TNA Vs Aces & Eights

Anderson & Magnus kick things off with MR A talking trash but they start trading shots. Mag hits a shoulder block then a pushing game. Mr A puts the boots to him in the corner. Mag does some of his own as they go corner to corner. Mag hits a flying knee but ander puts one up of his own. Mag hits a clothesline but not for long as he is thrown into the cage then a knockdown. They trade shots in the corner, Ander locks in a snapping head lock. Mag fights out with elbows then a double clothesline as the 2nd member of aces & eights ( Knox ) comes to the ring. knox attacks mag with boots. knox throws mag in the corner as a minute on the clock. Doc hits a clothesline followed by a leg drop by Ander. They mess around until the 2nd member of Team tna (Samoa Joe) comes to the ring. He goes nuts with clothesline then some jabs to doc but ander kicks joe but Joe & Mag double team boot with samoa drop. Joe puts the jabs to Doc in the corner as mag does the same thing to ander. They double team elbow’s on Anderson. More shots by joe on knox as the 3rd member of aces & eights ( Garrett Bischoff) GB goes right after mag with punches. GB makes fun of the fans as Mag & Joe double team him. Joe & Mag in control as they throw GB in the corner with a clothesline followed by wait Anderson runs over joe & knox throws mag off the top rope. The 3rd member of TNA is Eric Young & he strips Yuck! He comes in the ring with a drop kick & holds his own. Ander runs into knox on accident & EY suplex GB. Team TNa is in full control, Mag hits a suplex followed by a knee. The 4th member of aces & eights is Devon with taz being over the top. Devon has his TV title with him? He clears house & directs traffic. Aces & eights is in full control but devon misses a splash as EY drops him. Not for long as they jump him. Joe fires back but he is taking out. Magnus is thrown head first into the cage as the 4th member of Team TNA (James Storm ) comes out & clears house with different kicks, knee’s & right hands. JS beats down GB & hits a double knee to knox. He hits the last call to knox. Mix of guys fighting & seems like a bar fight as the 5th member of aces & eights ( Doc) is in there & it’s a Aces & eights party of ass whopping right now. They are in control until the 5th & final member of Team TNA (Sting) comes to attempt to make the save with weapons!!! He attacks the members with a baseball bat. All the weapons are in the ring as Team tna hits aces with weapons. Trash cans, kendo sticks, chairs. Sting hits a stinger splash on GB. EY almost hits sting with the bat but doesn’t & that allows aces & eights back into control. JS takes a trash can to Doc then magnus suplex him. GB climbs the top of the cage but is caught then Aces get under JS & Mag then Joe suplex all them. Joe locks in the STF but knox nails joe with a chair. Sting takes a chair but EY makes the save. Sting hits the death drop followed by EY going to the top of the cage & comes off with a elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Team TNA

World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match: Jeff Hardy © Vs. Bully Ray
Main Event Time!! They tie up then a headlock by ray followed by a shoulder block. They tie up again with getting a headlock followed by a clothesline & count of 2. They test strength but lock up in the corner then Jeff hits a splash in the corner & hits whisper in the wind for a count of 2. Jeff climbs the cage but ray grabs him but kicked in the face. Hardy hits a splash off the middle of the cage. He goes up once again & they are battling on the top of it. Hardy is pushed off & lands down stairs on the ropes. Ray hits some elbows for a count of 2. Ray locks in a arm submission, Ray hits a suplex for a count of 2. Ray hits a clothesline followed by a headlock, another head butt for a count of 2. Ray beats down hardy with forearm then ray puts on a body lock. Hardy fights out of it but not for long as ray back body drops him for a count of 2. Ray misses a splash off the top rope. Hardy goes for the Twist of fate but blocked then ray goes for bubba bomb but blocked then hardy finally hits the twist of fate. He goes to the top rope but Aces & eights climb in the cage as they attack hardy. Ray clothesline them, then some double team work by Hardy & Ray then finally throw them out of the cage. They trade shots until hardy knocks him down then drop kicks him for a count of 2. Hardy & ray climb to the top of the cage as they battle. Ray chops the chest of Jeff & Jeff does the same. Hardy kicks ray then hardy falls & ray falls on Jeff for a count of 2. Hardy hits twist of fate then climbs the cage & he is up there but ray power bombs hardy off the second rope for a count of 2!!! Hulk & Brooke Hogan comes down to the ring. Aces & Eights come down to the ring & when they finally get in the ring but Devon throws a hammer to ray & hits hardy in the back for the win.

Winner & New World Champion: Bully Ray

After the match Ray says let Brooke cry & he used Hogan, Screw Brooke as the trash fly’s in the ring. He says he is the president of Aces & eights but most important the world champion to end the show.

Thanks for watching along with me.
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