– There is a feeling among the talent in the TNA locker-room is that while they’re working hard and doing their jobs as asked, they are the department getting cut over issues that are at the executive level. There are some complaining that the quality of communication between management and wrestlers has degraded from where it previously was.

– After Bruce Prichard was cut, the Louisville iMPACT! taking was said to be way more relaxed backstage. In terms of creative, thesame team is largely in place and there should not be any noticeable changes. Early word is that John “Big” Gaburick will be picking up Prichard’s responsibilities as well as Kevin Sullivan’s roles with thecompany. Gaburick is said to be more positive than Prichard was in his tone while speaking with the talent. There’s hope among talent that he will be able to provide positive change for the company considering the high position that he’s in, though there are a few worried that he has too much on his plate right off the bat.

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