Former WWE & TNA star Shannon Moore went on his Twitter and shared his thoughts about what TNA should do in the future. Here are some of his tweets:

"People ask me my thoughts on TNA.I don't know what the game plan is but would hate to see a company come to a cross roads."

"However I feel it's time to capitalize on the house hold names that are sitting home right now. Carlito,Morrison,Helms,Masters,etc."

"These guys are hard workers that have name value that people still want to see. Sometimes the mixture of home grown and household names"

"Is a good thing."

"Just my opinion but so much talent that have a following should be put to use by someone. It's a waste and this day and age it's hard"

"To build new talent unless you have the following already paying attention to your product!!"

"That's my thoughts but its not my answer at the end of the day that will help. Hopefully the game plan will pan out."

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