Here are the latest updates on the recently reported pay issues with TNA talents.

* One source close to the company blamed the issue on slow movement from the Panda Energy side of things and that anyone complaining they were 6 weeks behind was “being ridiculous.” The source did note that there were real issues with delays that have now been resolved. The source noted “it wasn’t that big of a deal” and was a simple error on Panda Energy’s behalf.

* Panda Energy has billions of dollars and has no issues with money to support TNA. For those unaware, Panda Energy is worth much more than WWE. We’re talking billions of dollars (TNA/Panda) compared to millions of dollars (WWE).

* One wrestler did claim that he knew of wrestlers who had been 4 weeks behind as of last week.

* There are also reports that there have been issues with third party vendors getting paid.

* Over the last few weeks, there have been office departures from the company. Most were regular office workers, and not executives.
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