Josh Mathews and The Miz are on commentary for tonight’s show.

Ryback Vs. Kofi Kingston – Single
Kofi gets started with repeated kicks to Ryback. Ryback finally catches Kingston slamming him on the mat. Kofi tries building momentum but is immediately stopped with a Ryback shoulder drop. Ryback gets Kofi around the neck, but Kofi gets out of it with his legs. Kofi takes control back with an arm drag. Kofi attempts trouble in paradise, but Ryback rolls outside of the ring, Kofi goes flying over the ropes onto Ryback with a cross-body. Ryback drives Kofi into the side of the ring. Ryback throws Kofi into the steps, but Kofi jumps over them and comes back flying onto Ryback. Ryback back in the ring hits a big boot to Kofi who was trying to get back in the ring.

Kofi can’t get anything going as he’s met with a big elbow to the head. Ryback begins to taunt and picks Kofi up for a suplex and bring him down with the classic “GOLDBERG JACKHAMMER” and then delivers slaps to the chest until Kingston gets back in it with slaps of his own, but once again the momentum is killed as Ryback just tosses Kofi across the ring. Ryback connects with the belly to belly suplex. Kingston flying off the ropes is caught and slammed to the ground “ANOTHER GOLDBERG MOVE”. Kofi catches Ryback with a DDT of his own. Kofi Kingston hits the BOOM BOOM BOOM DROP! Kofi setting up for his finisher and is caught, but Kofi rolls Ryback up for a two count. Kofi up high nails the flying cross-body. Kofi once again jumps off the ropes with a springboard missal dropkick. Kofi running off the ropes is struck with a huge clothesline from Ryback. Both men are now down. Ryback picks Kofi Kingston up and nails the shell shock finisher.

Winner: Ryback

Highlights of the match are shown. Ryback continues to celebrate his win.

A recap of Monday’s Raw World Heavyweight Championship match is shown.

Santino Merella Vs. Heath Slater – Single
Both men lock up and Slater pushes Santino down and starts taunting. Santino locks on a headlock and hits the cobra but doesn’t go for the pin. Slater and Merella doing comedy. Slater knocks Santino down and locks the headlock back on. Santino fighting back with punches, but Slater knocks one big punch knocking Santino down. Slater going up high and Santino rolls out of the way and jumps up. Slater down on the mat after a Santino take down and Santino brings out the cobra. Jinder Mahal gets struck with the cobra when he tried to interfere and Heath Slater suffers the same fate.

Winner: Santino Merella

Video package of all the events that has went down between the McMahon’s and Big Show lately is shown. Exclusive sit down interview with Michael Cole and Triple H where Triple H announces Big Show is banned from WWE for life.

Fandango Vs. The Great Kali – Single
Kali corners Fandango and nails about 10 elbows to the head and a slap to the chest. Kali delivers another slap to the chest of Fandango. Fandango rolls outside of the ring and he starts to pick on Hornswoggle, but Kali makes the save with a chop. Fandango gets back in the ring and kicks Kali as he got back in the ring.. Fandango targeting the leg with multiple elbow drops and locks on a leg submission. Fandango jumps off the top rope into a slap to the chest from Kali. Kali with a big boot and another chop. Natalya clotheslines Summer Rae outside of the ring distracting Kali. Fandango DDT’s Kali and goes up high and connects on the leg drop.

Winner: Fandango

Los Matadores Vs. Los Locales – Tag Team
Diego with a couple of nice arm-drags. Los Locales with some fast paced kicks, moves, and pins. Back in control are Los Matadores. Los Locales with some double teams. The Bull comes into the ring providing a distraction causing Los Locales to knock into each other. The bull attacks one of Los Locales members outside the ring. Los Matadores picks up a victory via Load of Bull finisher drop.

Winners: Los Matadores 

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