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Taped 6/26/13 in Columbia, South Carolina.

[Q1] 1. Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes. Jericho took the early advantage and controlled the action until Rhodes caught Jericho with a thumb to the eye, Jericho attempted to fight back, but Rhodes threw Jericho shoulder-first into the ring post, sending Jericho tumbling to the outside. Jericho sold on the floor… [C]

Back from the break, Jericho had a hope spot, but Rhodes maintained control. Rhodes began working over Jericho's neck. Rhodes hit a moonsault on a standing Jericho for a near fall. 

Jericho began making his comeback and went for the Walls of Jericho, but Rhodes rolled out of it. Rhodes followed with a Beautiful Disaster for a near fall. Jericho responded with a high cross body for a near fall of his own. 

Rhodes managed to catch Jericho and hit an Alabama Slam. Jericho kicked out of the pin attempt and set Rhodes up for the Lionsault. Rhodes rolled out of the way and hit Cross Rhodes for a great near fall. 

[Q2] Jericho scored the Codebreaker, but Rhodes got his foot on the ropes to break the count. Moments later, Jericho swept Rhodes' legs and locked in the Wall of Jericho. Rhodes tapped quickly…

Chris Jericho defeated Cody Rhodes in 12:08.

The announcers set up the Halle Berry commercial for The Call… [C]

The Rob Van Dam hype video aired…

Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro made their entrance. Colter introduced himself and Cesaro as Real Americans. Colter mocked the resident Gamecocks. Colter said tonight, he was going to do what a rooster does, and he was going to wake America up. Colter commented on the Dublin street fight and the Fiesta Del Rio that will take place on Friday.

Colter rambled about the lack of English in America. Colter moved on to Cesaro and introduced him as more of an American than most of the people watching tonight. Colter turned the mic over to Cesaro, who said he is everything the people want to be. Cesaro said he became a citizen on his own and he knows what it's like to go from the bottom and to fight your way to the top. Cesaro said that was the American way and the crowd started a "USA" chant. 

[Q3] Cesaro said he doesn't take his freedoms for granted, which make him the personification of the American Dream. Colter said that with Cesaro's help, he would take America back. Colter concluded with "We, the People." [C]

The announcers hyped the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match…

2. Dean Ambrose vs. Christian in a non-title match. The two men jockeyed for control early, and Ambrose gained the upper hand when he caught Christian with a clothesline on the outside. Ambrose began working over Christian's midsection with a series of holds and strikes.

Christian managed to get some distance off of a reverse hotshot, but Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns ran out and attacked him…

Christian defeated Dean Ambrose by DQ in 4:39.

Before The Shield could do any extra damage, The Usos ran down and cleared The Shield from the ring… [C] 

[Q4] The Raw Rebound focused on the relationship of Paul Heyman and CM Punk…

Miz hyped a MizTV segment on Smackdown featuring Paul Heyman… [C]

Tons of Funk got a singer named JoJo added to their usual entrance…

3. Prime Time Players vs. Tons of Funk (w/ the Funkadactyls and JoJo). Tons of Funk took and early advantage against Titus O'Neill, but O'Neill gained the upper hand on Tensai with a big boot. 

The heels worked over Tensai for a spell, bit Tensai managed to throw O'Neill out of the ring. Tensai got the hot tag off to Clay, who quickly tore into O'Neill. Clay had O'Neill down for the count, but Young broke the pin.

Young hit Clay with his plastic comb behind the referee's back, and that was enough for O'Neill to pick up the win. 

The Primetime Players defeated Tons of Funk in 3:53.

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