Fandango is out first with Summer Rae. Out next is his tag team partner Big E Langston.

Fandango & Big E Langston Vs. Jimmy & Jey (The Usos)
Both men dance to start the match. Fandango goes for the attack, but is reversed into the corner. Fandango scrambles and tags in Big E Langston. Jey Uso fails in an attempt to weaken Langston. Fandango back in the match, Jimmy Uso tags in and knocks Fandango into the corner. He gets back to attempt his running hip attack, but Fandango gets pulled out of the way outside the ring by Langston, Fandango is unhappy. Langston snatches Jey Uso, but Jimmy makes the save. Both Usos back in the ring as we head to commercial.

Jimmy Uso has control of the match over Fandango. Jimmy goes for the super kick, but Fandango rolls outside the ring. Langston tags in. Jimmy Uso takes a mega clothesline from Langston. Langston off the ropes hits the big splash. Jimmy kicks out at two, Fandango tags back in the ring and locks in the neck hold. Jimmy Uso fighting back but is met with a knee to the gut. Langston back in the match up. Big E Langston driving his shoulder into the gut of Jimmy Uso, the ref backs him up, but Jey Uso starts to get in the ring distracting the ref as Fandango takes advantage of the distraction. Big E Langston storming into the corner and stomach with a huge spear to Jimmy Uso. Fandango tags in by slapping the back of Langston as Langston looks not happy. Fandango using the ropes and his legs to his advantage, Fandango to the top rope and Jimmy Uso jumps hitting the ropes causing him to lose his balance, Jimmy kicks Fandango into the barricade. Big E Langston throws Fandango back inside the ring as Jimmy makes the tag to Jey. Langston tags himself back in. Langston met with a kick to the gut and Jey is on a roll! Jey knocks Fandango off the apron and bounces off the ropes hitting a shoulder drop knocking Langston on the mat. Jey Uso connects on the running hip attack. Fandango is outside the ring playing up an ankle injury. Meanwhile back inside the ring Big E Langston capitalizes with another big clothesline. Jey tags in Jimmy Uso, Jey with a superkick, Jimmy with the Samoan Splash! One. Two. Three.

Winners: The Usos

Highlights of the match are shown. Alex Riley and Josh Mathews discuss Triple H’s recent actions.

WWE.com exclusive interview set down with Triple H and Michael Cole. The interview discussion is over The Miz. Triple H called The Miz a smartass, Tiple H said the only thing that separates him as a smartass and The Miz is that he can back it up.
Big Show makes his entrance. Highlights from this past Monday’s MizTv between Big Show, The Miz, and Stephanie McMahon are shown.

Big Show Vs. Damien Sandow 
Big Show with the most intense stare on his face, Sandow tries to lock up and get a hold on Big Show but fails terribly. Every time Sandow tries something on Big show, Big Show comes back with slaps and punches. Sandow gets his leg up in Big Show’s face in the corner. Big Show with a slap to the chest knocking Sandow down, Big Show off the ropes drops down for the elbow drop, but misses as Sandow moves out of the way. Sandow has Big Show down and his hitting kick after kick setting up and hitting an elbow drop of his own. Big Show drops Sandow down. Big Show setting up for his knockout punch, Sandow is up but only for a split second as Big Show delivers the knockout punch.

Winner: Big Show

Big Show breaks the handcuffs of the Money in the Bank briefcase and sets the briefcase on Sandow’s chest.

Raw Rebound video package showing the events that took place this past Monday between Ryback, Curtis Axel, Paul Heyman, and CM Punk.

Curtis Axel Vs. Justin Gabriel 
Axel hits a dropkick and takes Gabriel down. Gabriel shoulder drop followed up by an arm drag. Arm hold locked in by Gabriel eventually going for the cover but Axel kicks out at one. Gabriel continues to work the arm, but Axel fights back. Axel in control now slapping the chest of Gabriel, but Gabriel continues going back to the arm and going for different forms of cover attempts. Axel pushes Gabriel only for Gabriel to punch Axel outside of the ring. Justin Gabriel misses a running dropkick to the outside and his met with a clothesline from Curtis Axel.

Curtis Axel hitting elbow drop after elbow drop to the head of Gabriel, Gabriel ducks the clothesline, but is met with a clothesline to the back of the head. Axel gets a two count before Gabriel grabs the rope. Back breaker leading to Axel hitting the classic elbow drop to the head from the middle rope, Curtis Axel strutting around the ring allows Gabriel to take control back, Gabriel hitting his kicks and a springboard crossbody. Gabriel a flying 360 in the air outside the ring onto Curtis Axel, Gabriel getting back in the ring gets kicked in the head, Axel connects with a neck breaker. Curtis Axel tries for his signature neck breaker, but Gabriel moves out of the way and meets Axel with a kick to the head. Gabriel jumps off the top rope this time hitting the springboard moonsault. Gabriel covers but Axel kicks out at two. Gabriel with a flying elbow to Axel in the corner of the ring follows it up with a spinning slam. Curtis Axel rolls outside the ring, Gabriel tries to get him back in, but Axel pulls

Gabriel neck first into the ropes. Axel connects with his finisher the hangman’s face buster.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Highlights of the match are shown as Curtis Axel celebrates with the Intercontinental title and Paul Heyman.

(When it comes to TV match quality Main Event is where it’s at! Not the best show in terms of that this week, but still a very solid edition of Main Event. Thanks for joining me again this week! Follow me on Twitter @13rogersC)

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