We get going on WWE Main Event with The Showoff Dolph Ziggler.

Josh Mathews and Alex Riley are ringside on commentary for tonight’s show.

Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring waving the Mexican flag.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Alberto Del Rio 
The bell rings and here we go! Del Rio sneaks a kick in on Ziggler and locks on a headlock. Del Rio off the ropes meets Ziggler with a shoulder drop, back on his feet Del Rio with a kick to the back of Ziggler and goes for the quick cover, but an early kickout by Ziggler. Both men back up and Ziggler sends Del Rio off the ropes and attempts to jump over him but its’ botched, Ziggler follows the botch up with a dropkick. Ziggler nails 10 elbow drops on Del Rio and gets a one count. Ziggler corners Del Rio and goes flying in, but Del Rio gets out of the way. Del Rio takes advantage of the down Dolph Ziggler with several kicks before hitting an insigory back breaker. Del Rio suplex’s Ziggler and locks on a neck hold, Ziggler fights out and ‘runs the ropes’ as Ziggler stops himself and shows off. Del Rio runs but Ziggler gets out of the way causing Del Rio to go threw the ropes but remaining on the apron before being dropkicked off by Ziggler, Ziggler outside the ring attempts to pull Del Rio into the barricade, but Del Rio reverses it to where it’s Ziggler being thrown into the barricade.

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Alberto Del Rio applies the neck hold, but Ziggler gets out, Ziggler is thrown into the air and his whole body comes crashing down. Del Rio goes up high and nails a flying fist knocking Ziggler down, Del Rio once again back to the neck hold in this match, Alberto Del Rio now taking his time as he picks away at Ziggler. Del Rio goes back to the top rope and he is met with a dropkick. Both men back up and trading punches, Dolph goes running hitting a huge clothesline switching the momentum in this match. Ziggler corners Del Rio and this time hits the splash, followed up by several punches and a neck breaker. Del Rio counters into a suplex allowing him to take advantage. Del Rio attempts an insigory kick to the head only to miss and for Dolph Ziggler to follow it up with the famouser, Ziggler gets a close two count before Del Rio kicks out. Ziggler is in shock and doesn’t pay attention and Del Rio connects this time on the insigory. Del Rio showing frustration as he throws the knee of Ziggler’s into the matt. Del Rio on the top rope takes too much time as Ziggler jumps up and pulls Del Rio off head first into the mat, Ziggler covers for a close two count. Ziggler counters Del Rio into a DDT and once again a very close two count. Ziggler climbing the ropes is knocked down onto the ropes as Del Rio connects on a backwards suplexe, Ziggler counters Del Rio into a neck breaker following another close two count. Ziggler fails to connect on the famouser as Del Rio counters it into a powerbomb followed by a cross arm breaker. Ziggler quickly taps out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio celebrates in the ring as several highlight’s are shown.

A little clip is showed from WWE’s new DVD “The History of WWE: 50 years”

Santino Merella makes his entrance too and in the ring.

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Damien Sandow has a microphone and states “he doesn’t need a Money in the Bank contract to prove he is your uncrowned world champion”… “Your Welcome”

Santino Merella Vs. Damien Sandow 
Both men lock up and Santino locks on a kneck hold. Sandow nails a shoulder drop. Santino fails at kicking up on his feet as usual but does get back up and teases the cobra, but Sandow meets him with a knee. Both men outside the ring and Sandow throws Santino into the barricade then connects on an elbow. Sandow and Santino back in the ring, Sandow hits a knee drop on the head of Santino. Santino arm drags Sandow and this time Santino is successful when kicking up onto his feet. Santino with another arm drag followed up by a flying headbut. The cobra is out and Damien Sandow gets out of the way countering into a full nelson slam for the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow

The uncrowned world champion celebrates.

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The Raw rebound showing highlights of Monday’s promo confrontation between Triple H, Randy Orton, and John Cena. Also, showing the events that took place in the main event.

WWE.com exclusive featuring Triple H discussing the match for both the WWE and World title’s in 3 weeks at TLC. Interesting how he put it “With the brand extension no longer being in place their is no need to have 2 World champions…”

Fandango and Summer Rae dance their way to the ring.

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Kofi Kingston makes a BOOMING way to the ring!

Fandango Vs. Kofi Kingston 
Both men lock up and Kofi rolls Fandango up only for a quick kickout. Kofi attempts 3 different roll ups all being one counts. Kofi Kingston with a headlock gets pulled off the ropes only to be caught, Kofi does a front flip off the legs of Fandango and connects on the monkey flip. Fandango rolls outside the ring for a breather. Back in the ring Fandango takes control with a kick and then locks on the headlock, Fandango off the ropes several times before catching Kofi and throwing him onto the apron outside the ring. Kofi moves out of the way as Fandango jumps over the ropes crashing on the outside. Kofi Kingston goes back inside the ring long enough to go flying over the ropes onto Fandango outside the ring.

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Kofi Kingston knocked off the top rope onto the outside of the ring, as Fandango taunts inside the ring. Fandango pushes Kofi into the ring and covers him for a one count. Kofi Kingston thrown down on his back as Fandango goes onto the outside of the apron and jumps over the ropes nailing a flying leg drop. Fandango using the ropes to his advantage before going back to the headlock submission. Kofi fighting out is stopped and thrown into the corner. Fandango has Kofi cornered and starts celebrating. Kofi gets some offense in before Fandango knocks Kofi back down and applies the headlock submission again. Kofi counters out with some sort of stunner. Kofi getting some offense going with slaps to the chest and a dropkick followed up by a clothesline then a BOOM drop. Kofi signaling for trouble in paradise, Summer Rae starts screaming on the outside of the ring distracting Kofi, Fandango is met with a kick out of the corner knocking him loopy. Kofi Kingston off the ropes hits one of the biggest and best crossbody’s I’ve seen in years! Kofi misses trouble in paradise but Fandango counters with a spinning kick to the head. Fandango going up high is stopped two times by Kofi Kingston. Kofi setting up for a suplex, but Fandango counters out into a huge powerbomb. Fandango covers only for Kofi to kick out at two. Fandango quickly goes back to the top rope only to miss the leg drop allowing Kofi Kingston to connect on the trouble in paradise out of nowhere.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Highlight’s of the match are shown.

Kofi Kingston celebrates in the ring while Fandango and Summer Rae walk up the ramp unhappy.

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