We are show Highlights from Last Nights PPV where Big Show Interfere in the main event. 

Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring & starts talking about the main event being ruined because of what Big Show did. She says that he will have to answer to all of us. Big Show comes to the ring. She tells him to shut up, She cuts a promo about how his actions was wrong. He says is he sorry but that isn't good enough. She calls him some names & says that Triple H has saved him from his financials. He asks can he go now? but she points into his chest & adds that they own him so he has no right. She tells him to beg for forgiveness from the fans. He says NO & she calls him some more names. Big Show says he won't beg & he knocked out Orton because he couldn't take it anymore. He adds that she told him to KO Daniel Bryan. She slaps him several times then fires him. He leaves the ring to end the segment. 

Damien Sandow Vs. Dolp Ziggler 
Sandow on the attack first with a knee then right hands in the corner. Someone is Pissed! A suplex for a count of 2. Sandow with a headlock but Ziggie fights out with right hands but runs into a knee to the gut. Sandow with some elbows then right hands. Sandow beating down Ziggler & stays in control until Ziggler fights back with right hands put is pushed out of the ring leading to the commercial. Back from break with Sandow still in control but that all changes when Sandow misses shoulder first in the corner. Ziggler with right hands some clotheslines. He nails a baseball slide with more right hands & back in the ring we go. He hits the 10 punches in the corner & a neck breaker. Ziggler with a drop kick for a count of 2. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Sandow throws him to the apron. Sandow knocks him back in the ring for a count of 2. Ziggler  with a roll up but rolls through then conects with a fameser for the win.

Winner: Ziggler 

Backstage Segment with Stephanie yelling at Brad Maddox messing up their plans at Battleground. She threatens to fire him & tells him to apologize. 

They show that they brought out Bruno Sammartino on the APP. 

Natalya, JoJo, Eva Marie) vs Aksana, Alicia Fox, Eva Mendez ( Natalya Wins with the Sharpe shooter)

After the match Brad Maddox comes to the ring & apologizes. He adds that the Rematch between Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton inside a Hell In A Cell at the PPV. A special guest Referee from three Hall Of Famers & the fans will vote on them. Booker T come out & talks about that he will do the right thing for the people. 

Los Matadores Vs. 3MB Rematch from last week & around the same time slot. Matadores ends the match with their finisher. 

Paul Heyman & his "Heyman Guys" are in the ring. He says he is the best in the world & talks last nights PPV where Cm Punk cheated to beat Ryback last night. CM Punk comes out & interrupts him. Punk says that he will beat Ryback again & says that he will accepts there challenge. Ryback says that Punk doesn't have any balls & tells him to bring his ass down to the ring. Before he comes to the ring R Truth comes out of nowhere & says he will team up with Punk. Tag Match is now.

CM Punk & R Truth Vs. Ryback & Axel
Punk & Axel get things going with some basic then Punk trips him & works the left leg of Ax. Truth is now in as they work the double team. Truth with a kick & a right hand. Heyman calls for a break. Back from commercial break with Ryback & Axel in control but Truth fights back & gets the hot tag to Punk. Punk comes in a & clears house. Punk hits a neck breaker followed by the knee/ clothesline combo. He nails the elbow off the top rope. Punk calls for the end & nails the GTS. When Ryback comes in the ring Punk hits him with a kick. He tags in Truth & he nails the scissor kick for the win.

Winners: Punk & Truth

We are introduced to the second HOF for the spot of Special Guest Referee in the WWE Title Match.

Randy Orton Vs. Kofi Kingston
The match starts off with Orton just destroying Kingston. Back in the ring with Orton being thrown out of the ring. Kingston with a clothesline then some kicks. He clotheslines Orton out of the ring. Back in the ring as they start from scratch & Orton with right hands in the corner. Kingston fights out of the corner with right hands but misses a cross body leading to break. Back from commercial with Orton is in destroy mode ( Micheal Cole's words not mine) but yes he is in Destroy mode for a bit there until Kingston makes him come back with a clothesline off the top rope. Kingston walks into a drop kick for a count of 2. Kingston nails a big DDT out of nowhere. Kingston with some chops then a drop kick then a big kick. He goes to the top rope & connects with a cross body for a count of 2. Kofi goes for the SOS then some reverses but he ends up nailing it for a count of 2. Kingston is sent to the apron where he goes for a spring board move but caught & reversed into a scope slam. Orton hits the DDT from the 2nd rope but wait Kingston reverses it & goes for a baseball slide but side stepped & Orton connects with a clothesline. Orton hits the DDT the barricade. Orton brings him back in the ring where he finishes things off with the RKO.

Winner: Orton

After the match Daniel Bryan comes to the ring & Brawl with Orton. 

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Ricardo 
Vickie makes the announcement that he will defend the title against John Cena & Ricardo rolls him up for the win. After the match Del Rio attacks Ricardo .

So it is official John Cena Vs. Alberto Del Rio is official.

Fandango Vs. Zack Ryder
Fandango with a heel kick to start things off. Zack fights back with a face smasher then knee's to the face. Zack with a drop kick then a big forearm in the corner. when he goes for the broski boot Fandango rolls out of the ring. Zack brings him back in the ring where Fandango kicks him in the face. Fandango finishes the match off with the leg drop for the win.

Winner: Fandango

Jerry Lawler announces that Shawn Micheal's as the special guest referee for the WWE Title match. 

Real Americans Def. Santino Marella & Great Khali Back & Forth until Cesaro hit the big swing on Khali for the win. After the match they did the swing on Hornswoggle. 

The Miz is about to have Miz TV but the Wyatt family interrupts & they brawl for a bit until Miz runs to the back. 

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon have a backstage segment with Brad Maddox about how much a screw up Brad is. 

Daniel Bryan & The Rhodes Family Vs. The Shield

Goldust & Rolllins start things off with Goldie getting the advantage. Cody off the quick tag but a strong right hand from Rollins. Some tag work for the shield but Cody fights back with a high knee to Ambrose. Cody with a suplex for a count of 2. Goldust now in & a knee to the face, more quick tags from the Rhodes family. Ambrose with a elbow in the corner. Cody puts a boot up but when he goes for a moonsult off the top he is pushed off the top. Back from break with The shield in full control. They do this for awhile with quick tags until Daniel Bryan gets the hot tag. He nails a big german suplex followed by a missile drop kick. Bryan with a hurricanronna for a count of 2. Reigns makes the save but Goldie & Rhodes fights off the shield. Bryan & Rollins are left, Bryan with a big kick to the head then the Yes Lock is in but Ambrose comes in with a chair to cause the DQ. Triple H restarts the match. They all end up brawling but Bryan & Rollins are still going at it. Bryan hits a suscide dive to the outside to Reigns & Ambrose. Randy Orton comes out of nowhere to attack Orton. Randy throws him back in the ring where Rollins covers him for the win.

Winner: The Shield. 

After the match Big Show some how returns & stares down triple H. They brawl but Big Show ends up KO Triple H out of nowhere. He leaves & Bryan stands tall over Triple H to end the show.

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