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We get a Video package of The feud with The shield Vs Sheamus, John Cena & Brock Lesnar Attacking Vince McMahon.

Cm Punk comes out by himself this time & breaks some kids sign on his way out. He grabs a mic & Justin Roberts to have him introduced as the peoples champion. Punk says the way he reacted last week was how a normal person who has something important stolen from him important. He is a champion who got robbed. He ask a fan if they saw him in the video when heyman admitted he was working with the shield. He asked some fans & Micheal Cole if he was. He says that Vince hired an actor to portray Heyman in the video. He accuses McMahon of doing all of that to screw Punk. He makes fun of the fans for believing it. Punk says that Brock broke Vince's hip & that he deserves it.

He says that he will win back the wwe title back in two weeks. Booker T comes out & says Vickie Guerrero let him come out & make punks fate. WWE Universe gets to vote on His opponent for tonight. Rey Mysterio , Randy Orton & Chris Jericho is the options.

We get a video package of how to download the WWE App.

Ryback Vs Antonio Cesaro
Ryback fights out of a waistlock and hip tosses Cesaro, followed by a leg drop for two. Ryback brings him to the corner and beats him down. he sets for the Meathook, but Cesaro ducks out. Ryback chases him back in, but Cesaro lays the boots to him. European uppercut countered by Ryback, then a  press into a few head slams. He picks up Cesaro, who surprises him with an uppercut as we go to break. Back from break with ryback hitting the shell shock for the win.

Winner: Ryback

We get a Raw active Video With Rey Mysterio giving reasons why he should be CM Punk Opponent.

We get a video Package from Survivor Series & a inside look into The Shield.

Backstage with John Cena & Vickie Guerrero, She says is the rumor true about Cena calling out the shield. Cena says the Shieldd will be stopped tonight.

We get a repeat video of Trish Stratus HOF Video Package.

Jack Swagger Vs Santino Marella
They lock up but throws down SM then a knee to the gut by swagger. Jack takes out the knee of SM then some strikes followed by some knees to the ribs in the corner. Jack misses a splash in the corner allowing SM to come back with some shots then gets blocked. Jack hits a knee followed by the swagger slash & the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger

After the match Jack comes to Booker t asking him if he was impressed.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Cody Rhodes
No car for ADR or Ricardo this time around. Cody kicks him then throws him into the corner but is caught with an elbow by adr then the world champion beats him down with kicks. ADR hits the kick to the shoulder in the corner for a count of 2. Cody attacks the leg of adr then stomps him down. Several shots in the corner then misses a splash in the corner allowing adr to hit 2 clothesline then a side walk slam. ADR hits a huge kick for a close count of 2. ADR motions for the arm bar & then gets the arm bar blocked. Cody hits the spring board kick for a count of 2. Cody misses a clothesline allowing ADR to hit the arm bar for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match Del Rio does a promo about he was wrong back in the day & then says Big show is a bully. He says that he appreciates there support. Big Show interrupts him & says that how hard it is not to break ADR neck. He says the reason he left last week on smackdown for Big show not to hurt ADR. Big show says he wants a rematch for the world title at the Elimination Chamber. He says don't event try to find him in the hotel because he will hurt him.

The winner of the raw active fan vote is Chris Jericho

Backstage segment with Team Hell No arguing about them losing last week on Smackdown.

Rey Mysterio Vs Daniel Bryan
They lock up then bryan kicks rey several times then they do some grappling. Rey kicks then gets hits knee to his ribs in a reversal. Bryan works the arm of rey then rey hits some forearm then goes to the top rope but bryan knocks rey down but misses a spear & hits shoulder first into the ring post. Back from break with Bryan hitting a suplex & working on the arm of rey. Bryan continuing to work the arm then several kicks & throwing rey out to the ring. Bryan goes for a sucside dive but rey puts an elbow up. Rey hits a senton then a hurraconronna followed by a roll threw & a kick to the head for a count of 2. Rey goes for 619 but is caught by bryan who puts in the no lock but rey rolls threw for a count of 2. Rey goes for it once again & hits it. Rey off the top rope misses & Bryan hits the No lock for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match The returning Mark Henry comes out & attacks Bryan. Mark comes in the ring & hits a running spine buster. Sin Cara comes out but mark catches him & hits the worlds strongest slam. Mark then battles with Rey but ends up hitting the worlds strongest slam followed by a splash from the second rope.

Another Backstage segment with Kane & Daniel Bryan.

We get a recap video package of Brock Lesnar returning & injuring Vince McMahon last week.

We have Big Show talking to booker t on the phone then in his hotel room he gets his dinner bill.

Sheamus Vs Kane
They tie up with them trading shots in the corner then sheamus gets uppercut by kane. Kane beats down sheamus then hits a side walk slam for a count of 2. Kane gets thrown into the ring barrier but back in the ring kane hits a big uppercut then some strikes but sheamus hits a hard slam. Sheamus hits a knee to the face of  kane then clothesline him to the outside & hits the clubbing shots on the apron until kane uses the ropes on sheamus. Kane misses the clothesline off the top rope & sheamus gets the probe kick. A couple of reversals allow kane to hti a big ddt but when going for the chokeslam Daniel Bryan comes out & distracts kane allowing Sheamus to hit the probe kick for the win.

Winner: sheamus 

Miz Tv With Special Guest Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar. Heyman comes out & interrupts miz. Paul says the reason he is on there because he wants to clear his name. Heyman says he didn't know that Lesnar was gonna attack Mr. McMahon & Heyman says he tried to back Lesnar down. Miz says he saw that Heyman is working with the shield & he was gonna be fired. Heyman says he will answer his questions when miz will. Vickie Guerrero comes out & says Paul Heyman is telling the truth when it comes to Lesnar returning last week. She says that her & Brock Lesnar was in negotiations So she could impressed Vince. Vickie wants to pray for Vince's Recovery. Miz says they hate Vince because there bottom feeders. Brock Lesnar comes out & Miz pushes him then lesnar attacks Miz. He destorys the miz TV Set. Miz comes back for more & Lesnar F5 the miz.

Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett
They lock up with Barrett beating down orton then orton hits a press with some strikes. Orton with uppercuts & a clothesline. To the outside we go with orton sending wade head first into the apron then back first into the ring barrier. Back in the ring for a count of 2. Orton stomps the body parts of wade. Wade hits a clothesline, knee & a suplex followed by a clothesline to knock orton out of the ring. Back in the ring for a 2 count. Wade hits a couple of elbows then a headlock but orton fights out & hits some clothesline followed by the scope slam then Spike DDT. Orton goes for the RKO but wade rolls out of it. Back in the ring wade hits a side slam for a count of 2. Wade goes for something but orton blocks it then wade blocks the RKO & goes for a kick but orton moves & hits the RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Cm Punk Vs Chris Jericho
They lock up but punk chops the chest of Jericho then chris comes back with his own of chops & a elbow. Chris chops him in the corner followed by a suplex with a mix of Y2J - Punk chants. Punk on the attack with kicks then he hits a knee to the ribs for a count of 2. Punk puts in a submission but chris gets out of it then chops him in the corner then a huge kick to the face. Punk hits a DDT off the top rope but is blocked & clotheslines to the outside. Chris hits a base ball slide & goes for the spring board kick but is blocked by punk. Back from break Punk is all over Jericho then puts in a head lock but Y2J fights out of it with strikes then punk misses a spring board clothesline. Chris hits some shoulder blocks then comes off the top rope with a double handle slam followed by a bull dog but went for the lionSal it was blocked. Punk goes for the running knee in the corner but blocked. Both guys on the top rope when Jericho hits a hurraconronna for a count of 2. Jericho goes for the lion sal but is blocked & goes for the GTS but is blocked when jerihco goes for the wall of jericho. They trade some roll ups then Punk hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. Punk hits the knee then a clothesline & heads to the top rope. Punk misses the flying elbow allowing Y2J to hit the lionSal for a count of 2. Punk hits a big kick for a count of 2. Punk locks in the anaconda devise but Jericho gets to the ropes to break the hold. Jericho heads up top but punk knocks him down & goes for the GTS then puts in the walls of Jericho but Punk gets to the ropes. Jericho goes for the walls of jericho but punk throws him into the corner & hits the GTS for the win.

Winner: Cm Punk

The latest inductee is Bruno Sammartino for the WWE Hall Of Fame.

John Cena does a interview because its "Ass Whopping Season"

We see Big Show at his hotel when Alberto Del Rio attacks him but Big Show lays him out but out of nowhere ADR lays him out with a Fire extinguisher.

Brad Maddox is in the ring talking about working with Heyman & then welcomes the Shield to the ring. Dean Ambrose says he is just trying to be as good as the shield. The Shield says this time there gonna enjoy the beating they give Maddox. They beat him down then John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus comes out to make the save. The shield try to flea but some of the WWE Roster comes out. Cena, Sheamus & ryback get in the ring Then they start brawling. The Shield Retreat to end the show.

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