We get a old 1980’s intro package then the old RAW Set as the Undertaker returns. They cut straight as he is walking down the ramp to a Old School Recap. We get the the intro raw them video.

Back in the arena with Michal Cole & King hyping up the show. Cm Punk & Paul Heyman come out. Punk talks about how he should be main Eventing  wrestlemania 29 because of the wwe universe? He says they screwed him. He says he shouldn’t be at Wrestlemania then what he just saw the undertaker but now he is going to take it from us. He will vs the undertaker & beat Him. He says he will end the streak but Randy Orton comes out. Orton says don’t be so arrogant about beating taker. Orton says he was close to beating taker. Orton says its up to the fans to pick see face the undertaker at wrestlemania. Big show comes out for the party. Show says he will knockout the undertaker. Sheamus comes out & says he never have faced taker or lose to him. Vickie Guerro comes out & makes a Fatal Four Way with the winner to face the undertaker at Wrestlemania 29.

Ryback Vs Antonio Cesaro
AC attacks ryback right off the bat but ryback fights back with lefts & rights. He lifts him up then spinning suplex. AC falls out of the ring but Regroups then ryback suplex him back in the ring. Ryback goes for a count of 2. AC head butts him then lefts & right then uses the ropes to his advantage but when he went to the top rope ryback suplex him. He clotheslined AC out of the ring. Ryback chases him, kicks him but Ac throws ryback to the post then Ac kicks ryback off the apron & sends ryback flying into the Steel Barricade. Back in the ring with Ac covering him for a count of 2. AC is all over him with Lefts & rights leading into the commercial break. Back from break with Them going back & forth then ryback hits the shell shock for the win.

Winner: Ryback

Mark Henry Vs Zack Ryder
They tie up then they trade shots until mark throws him but zack puts up some knees. Henry clotheslines him followed by the World’s strongest slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

The Miz does a promo before his match about an old school & brings out Ric Flair.

The Miz Vs Dolp Ziggler
They tie up then DZ puts up a knee & straight right hand. He throws some punches in the corner but miz kicks him. They trade shots then DZ gets the upper hand with a chop but miz clothesline him followed by a huge kick to knockout DZ to the outside of the ring. Back from break with Miz hitting a big suplex but DZ rolls him up out of nowhere for a count of 2. Miz attacks his knee but DZ hits a huge DDT for a count of 2. DZ goes for the zig zag but miz blocks it then miz misses a kick as DZ puts in a sleeper but miz fights out of it. Miz throws him up face first then hits a running clothesline & goes to the top rope with a double handle. AJ distracts the Referee as Big E. knockouts the miz. Flair tries to attack him but it doesn’t work. Miz drop kicks him but DZ rolls him up for a count of 2. DZ goes for a drop kick but miz blocks it & locks in the figure four leg lock for the win.

Winner: The Miz With Ric Flair

The Rock comes out for his exchange with John Cena. The Rock talks about how he came from central America & told a story about how cold it is in Buffalo. John Cena comes out & interrupts the rock. John Cena talks about how losing to the rock at last year’s wrestlemania cost cena 2012 year. He says that he has turned it around. Cena says he will not throw this chance away!!. The Rock says he is happy to see cena fired up. Rock says he wanted to face cena & he knows that it matters. Rock says no one has that except the rock. He says it matters to him & at mania cena will get his ass kicked. Cena fires back with a quote that mike Tyson said. Cena say he has beaten them all except the rock. Cena says at mania rocks time is up & his time is now. Rock doesn’t agree with him then does a quote of his own about heart & Lance Armstrong. Rock says he was full of crap & so is cena. Cena says the rock has confidence that he had but at mania he will become WWE Champion. Rock says cena thinks he can beat the rock but rock knows he can beat him. Rock says he will beat him again.

Jim Duggan Vs Jack Swagger

They attempt to tie up but Swagger grabs the 2x4 then hits Duggan in the ribs then attacks Sgt Slaughter & Dusty Rhodes. Swagger locks in the ankle lock. DQ?

No Contest

In the backstage Area Jack Swagger & Alberto Del Rio Brawl until they are separated.

Team Hell No vs. The Primetime Players
Kane and Titus start out. Kane dominates and overpowers Titus, and Young and Bryan tag in now. Bryan with kicks to Young, but misses the corner dropkick. Titus tags in, puts the boots to Bryan and slams him with a loud bark. YOung in, and the Players with a nice double team suplex for two. Young drops some fists ala DiBiase for another two count. Young misses a charge, and Bryan makes the tag to Kane, Rights to Young, clotheslines in the corners, and a side slam. Top-rope clothesline connects, but Titus breaks up the pinfall. Kane takes Titus over the ropes, and Bryan drills Titus with a knee off the apron. Young up top, but Kane catches him.hits the chokelam for the win.

Winner: Team Hell No

Tensai & Brodus Clay vs. 3MB
The Honky Tonk Man’s music hits and it looks like he’s about to do a sing for us but Slater talks him downa and tells him to go back to Vegas. Honky Tonk just leaves as McIntyre lays into Tensai with right hands. He misses a charge & Tensai rolls him up for the win.

Winners: Tensai & Brodus Clay

Fandango comes out & This is his debut & he says that is inappropriate how they introduced him. He leaves because they couldn’t say he name right.

We get a video package of how HHH Returned last week then Triple H Comes out to address About Brock Lensar. He says that he really thought he was retired but as he continued to train & a reason to come back. Lesnar injuring Vince McMahon & that was it. He said he was ready & he is just getting started fighting Lesnar. HHH says that he is calling Lesnar Out for a fight at Wrestlemania 29.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Wade Barrett

Wade attacks him with Punches then gets thrown in the corner where ADR buts some forearms into his back. ADR walks right into a side walk slam for a count of 2. Wade elbows him a couple of times for a count of 2. Wade puts in a headlock but ADR fights out & throws him in the corner but lands on the apron where wade uses the ropes to his advantage then adr locks in the arm bar on the ropes. ADR Tries to get in but Is kicked in the face by Wade. Back in the ring wade gets a count of 2. Wade goes to the top rope where he misses a elbow drop. ADR kicks him in the face then a clothesline, back breaker & a superkick for a count of 2. ADR misses the kick in the corner but wade kicks him followed by him going for his finisher but ADR blocks it & locks in the arm bar for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

New Age Outlaws Come out & do there Awesome Routine.

New Age Outlaws Vs Primo & epico

They start things off with Primo punches road dog but Dog does his signature punches & forearm for a count of 2. Dog gets drop kicked for a count of 2. Primo back in as they double team dog. More double team work as primo back in off a front flip & elbows. Epico does a over the top rope elbow. Epico puts in a headlock but dog fights out then tackles epico. Billy gunn is tagged in as well as primo & he attacks them with punches then a huge slam for a count of 2. Dog takes out epico. They go back & forth. Then Billy hits the famouser for the win.

Winner: New Age Outlaws

Winner Faces The Undertaker At WrestleMania: Cm Punk Vs Randy Orton Vs Sheamus Vs Big Show

Punk slides out of the ring to begin the match but Orton & Sheamus go after him allowing him to go in the ring with Show head butting him. Sheamus is thrown out of the ring then orton attacks show but show throws him out of the ring. Outside the ring Show gets thrown headfirst into the ring post. Back in the ring with Orton & sheamus battle. They trade shots but sheamus gets the better but orton this a back breaker for a count of 2. Orton upper cuts him but gets caught & hits back breaker & once again punk comes in the ring but is caught & thrown to the outside of the ring. Show punches orton & slaps sheamus leading into break. Back from break with punk in control of orton with a neck breaker for a count of 2. They trade shots then orton clothesline punk then a snapping suplex. Orton hits a slam for a count of 2. Orton throws punk on the apron but punk throws orton to the outside. Sheamus hits a diving shoulder block for a count of 2. Sheamus Goes for the clubbing shots to the chest of punk then show hits a knock down for a count of 2. Show knockout punch to Punk then sheamus & show battle. Show throws sheamus in the corner then a couple of spears by sheamus & a huge knock down by sheamus. Show punches down sheamus then goes to the 2nd rope & misses his splash. Sheamus kicks him then goes for white noise which he nails for a count of 2. Sheamus goes for the probe kick but orton comes in & suplex him. Show choke slams orton then sheamus for a count of 2. Show misses the KO punch & sheamus hits probe kick. Orton hits the RKO on Sheamus. Punk hits GTS on Orton for the win.

Winner & Obvious Choice: Cm Punk

As Punk celebrates The lights go out with The Undertaker coming out for the stare off to end the show.

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