We open raw with some pictures of WrestleMania 29 last night with the commentary guys hyping up how great the ppv was.

The New WWE Champion comes out & talks about that he won the WWE title. The crowd chants boring for the second week in a row. He starts dancing for some strange reason but the crowd chants no then he does a heel turn dance. He says this is what he wanted for a post WrestleMania celebration & he says he will fight for the wwe title. He issues a wwe title match tonight. Mark Henry interrupts him & says that he will fight him for the title. Cena accepts but Booker T comes out & says he can’t have cena making his own Title matches. Booker T says the rock is intitled to a rematch but Rock is injured. Booker says if Henry wants a title shot then he has to beat cena tonight to earn the shot. Henry says Cena just earned a spot in the Hall of Pain.

Big E Langston Vs. Daniel Bryan
It starts off with a big knee from Bryan that knocks big e back into the corner. DB starts up with kicks then a big slam by Langston. Big nails a spear in the corner followed by a knee to the gut. Another spear in the corner, a back body drop & some kicks while Bryan is down. Langston picks his shots to the ribs then a goes for a slam but DB rolls him up for a 2 count. Bryan hits the series of kicks then heads up to the top rope. Ziggler knocks him down while AJ distracts the Refree. Kane has a hold of Ziggler but Big E throws Bryan onto Kane. Back in the ring where Langston nails his finisher (the big ending) for the win.

Winner: Big E Langston

Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz © Vs. Wade Barrett
They go for a tie up but Wade kicks him down. Wade throws him in the corner but miz gets out with a clothesline. Miz kicks him in the face for a count of 2, Miz nails a Suplex for another 2 count. Miz locks in a headlock until wade gets out after some punch. Wade throws him in the corner but reverse which sends the miz to the apron but he slides in. Miz hits the 10 punches in the corner followed by a knee to the face for a count of 2. Miz locks in another headlock but wade fights out with a right hand. Wade lands A elbow for a count of 2. Wade locks in a headlock of his own. Miz gets outs but Wade goes for a suplex which is blocked & is sent outside. Miz nails a baseball slide then comes off the apron with a double handle. Back in the ring we go with Miz on the top rope but miss a double handle. He sends wade to the apron but gets kicked in the face. Wade hits a neckbreaker on the apron. Back from break with Wade hitting winds of change for a count of 2. Wade throws miz out of the ring, and then jumps off the apron with an elbow. Back in the ring with a headlock by Wade but miz fights out of it with elbows. Miz nails a suplex, they trade punches but miz gets the advantage & hits a knee to the face, boot. Miz hits a botched neck breaker for a count of 2. Wade fights back but misses in the corner & miz nails the running clothesline. Miz goes to the top rope for a double handle for a count of 2. Miz goes for the figure four leg lock but its blocked. Miz hits a DDT for a count of 2. Wade goes for his finisher but miz gets out & locks in the figure four leg lock but Wade gets the ropes. Wade kicks him in the face then goes to the top rope but miz knocks him down. There both up there & Miz goes for a suplex but Wade slams miz head off the ring post. Wade back in the ring goes & nails the Bull Hammer for the win.

Winner & New Champion: Wade Barrett

Backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero, Brad Maddox & Sheamus. Sheamus says he wants a match with big show. They give him the match.

We see Randy Orton & Booker T talking backstage about Orton wanting a match with the Big Show. Booker says Vickie already made a match with the big show. Orton talks him into it & booker says he got his match.

Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter comes out, Zeb does a promo about how the country is going. He says he is teaming with Swagger because he wants to prove something. He asks them to chants USA.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter
Jack & ADR lock up then Jack starts up with punches but ADR fights back. Thrown into the corner, ADR kicks him in the back. ADR throws Swagger to the outside of the ring followed by a suicide dive onto Swagger. Back in the ring with ADR on the top rope & nails a cross body for a count of 2. ADR gets hit from behind which allows Jack to take out ADR leg. Swagger works the left knee of ADR, a couple of shots to the knee then swagger throws him in the corner with several knee’s to the face of ADR. Swagger works the leg once again but Del rio kicks out of it. ADR misses the kick in the corner & swagger goes for a German suplex but blocked then adr goes for one of his own but blocked & Swagger locks in the ankle lock. ADR rolls threw then locks in the arm bar on the ropes. ADR on the apron gets knocked into the barricade. Back from break with Swagger hitting a suplex for a count of 2. Swagger works the leg but ADR gets out of it with kicks. Jack misses a spear in the ring post then ADR clotheslines him, a back breaker but ADR knee gave out. ADR super kicks him for a count of 2. ADR motions for the arm bar but its blocked with a spine buster. He locks in the Ankle lock but ADR gets to the rope. Swagger locks it in again but ADR gets out of it with kicks & locks in the arm bar for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match the doctors work on the leg of Del Rio.

Dolp Ziggler comes out to cash in the Money In the Brief Case. 

World Heavyweight Title Match: Dolp Ziggler Vs. Alberto Del Rio ©
Ziggler is pumped up & its Official then Ziggler is all over ADR. He works the leg of ADR then nails the Famouser for a cout of 2. Ziggler works the leg even more then Ziggler runs but misses in the corner. ADR hits the kick in the corner for a count of 2. ADR locks in the Arm bar but Ziggler gets out. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the win. There is a God !!!

Winner & Finally World Heavyweight Champion: Dolp Ziggler

The Undertaker comes out & says he dedicated his wrestlemania 29 to Paul Bearer but The Shield comes out. Taker gets ready for a fight & All of a sudden Team Hell No come out to make the save & The Shield runs off. 

Dolp Ziggler Does an interview about winning the title. “It’s about damn time”

R Truth, Zack Ryder, Santino Marrella Vs. 3MB
Truth with a shoulder block to Slater and an open handed palm strike. Slater with a punch to Marella, who tags right back out to Ryder, which gets a laugh for Santino and a pop for Jersey homeboy Ryder. Mahal with a punch but Ryder ducks, Mahal sends Ryder to the floor. Drew rolls Ryder back in. quick tags between 3MB keeping Ryder in their corner. Neckbreaker by Ryder. Truth and Mahal to the outside. Marella going for the Cobra. drewstops Marella but Marella pulls away & hits the Cobra on Slater for the win.

Winner: R Truth, Zack Ryder, Santino Marrella

We get a video package of WrestleMania 29 Access.

Before the match Sheamus ask who the fans wants to see face the big show. Randy Orton comes outs & says Big show is his tonight. Orton asks the fans & he gets a good pop. The fans vote via twitter. The winner is Orton. Vickie & Booker come out, They say the winner of the match will face the big show.

Sheamus Vs. Randy Orton
They tie up then a headlock by sheamus followed by a shoulder block. Once again tie up then some basic wrestling until Orton this a elbow. Orton with a knee drop but misses. Sheamus nails one of his own for a count of 2. Sheamus works the left arm of orton but Orton clotheslines him. Orton with a right hand but sheamus clotheslines him for a count of 2. Sheamus works the arm again until orotn knocks him down. Orton with a knee drop for a count of 2. Orton with a headlock  but sheamus suplex his way out. Sheamus with a knee for a count of 2. Sheamus with a headlock but Orton fights out with a suplex. An RVD chant breaks out? Orton kicks the limbs of sheamus. Sheamus hits a senton for a count of 2. Sheamus on the top rope but when he comes off Orton nails him with a drop kick. The crowd was chanting other peoples name so they went to break. Back from break with sheamus fighting out of a headlock but Orton hits him with a knee to the gut. Sheamus kicks his way back then they trade punches but Sheamus hit the back breaker for a count of 2. Sheamus with a clothesline then a spear in the corner followed by sending Orton out ot the apron but orton blocks it & sheamus starts clubbing anyway. Sheamus suplex him back in the ring. Sheamus goes for white noise but orton hits a back breaker. Orton clotheslines him then a power slam, Bell to bell suplex. He hits the Spike DDT off the middle rope. Orton goes for the RKO but blocked then sheamus nails white noise followed by The Probe kick but he misses it. The Big Show comes out & attacks Sheamus who sends him face first into the ring post. Show goes after Orton who hits the KO punch on Orton as the crowd chants thank you big show. Show drags him out of the ring & throws him into the Barricade. Big Show spears Orton. He sends Orton over the Announce Table to end his message.

This match ends in a No Contest.

Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston
Fandango dances around for a bit until they lock up again but kofi throws a punch. Fandango fights back until Jericho comes down & attacks him. 

Winner by DQ: Fandango

Jericho sends him out of the ring then into the barricade, Steel Steps. Back in the ring where continues the beating then into the Walls & then lays him out with the code breaker.

Paul Heyman is interviewed & he talks about what happened Last night. He talks about Punk feelings & he says Punk will tell everyone how he feels next week on raw.

Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls vs. Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins
Back & forth action until Cody hits the Disaster Kick, and a double butt bump by the Bellas. tags in with the Cubito Aequet for a two count, but Tensai comes back and tags in Brodus, who headbutts, splashes and T-Bones Sandow. Bellas break up the cover, Funkadactyls take them down. Cody sent over the top rope by Tensai, Sandow with rights to Tensai, they sandwich him by Tensai and Clay for the win.

Winners: Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls

Mark Henry Vs. John Cena 
They lock up but cena starts to dance then he starts punches until he gets knockdown by henry. MH headbutts him then chops the chest of cena He throws cena in the corner then knocks him down. Mark misses a splash then cena fights back & hits a shoulder block to knock him down. Outside the ring mark knocks him down & bounces cena head off the announce table. Mark starts taking things off the table. Cena goes for the AA but Mark sends cena spine first into the ring post. Out of nowhere cena sends Henry into the steel steps & rolls in for a count out victory.

Winner: John Cena Via Count Out

After the Match Henry lays out cena with the world’s strongest slam. He holds the title up but Ryback comes out & they start brawling. Ryback lays out Henry with the spine buster. Ryback stares at Cena but helps him up. Ryback lays out Cena with the Meat hook & shell shock. He stands over cena with the title to end the show.

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