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  • The Miz & Chris Jericho Def Fandango & Wade Barrett
  • Sheamus Def Titus O'Neal
  • Big E. Langston Def. Alberto Del Rio 
  • AJ Lee Def Layla
  • Cody RhodesDef Zack Ryder
  • The Shield Def Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston
  • Randy Orton Def Jack Swagger
  • Curtis Axel Vs HHH Ends in A No Contest
An Ambulance just rushing into the Arena & drives to the stage with Ryback getting out of it. He gets on top of it & starts talking about how he didn't lose the match. "Cena didn't walk away he was carried away". Ryback announces that there next match will be an ambulance match at the Payback PPV in June  He bad mouths the live crowd about how there fat & how dare they worships John Cena. He says he will take Cena to the morgue. 

The Miz & Chris Jericho Vs. Fandango & Wade Barrett
CJ & Wade lock up with a knockdown by Wade but a drop kick by chris out of nowhere. Some chops to the chest by Chris but an elbow by Wade that allows Fandango to get the quick attack off the tag. A Irish wipe in the corner followed by a uppercut then pounces on him for shots. Fandango clubs him in the corner but here comes Chris but ends up walking into a big boot. Wade gets tagged in as we go to break with Jericho bleeding it looks. Back from break with Wade having Miz in a headlock but miz fights out of it with punches then miz with a knee then a boot followed by the figure four leg lock but Fandango gets on the microphone saying his name then he & summer Rae start dancing. Wade starts yelling at him then Chris gets the tag & attacks him. off the top rope wiht a double handle, Bull dog & the lion sal. Jericho nails the code breaker then miz is in for the figure four leg lock to finish this one off.

Winner: Jericho & Miz

After the match Jericho dances with Rae but ends up leaving her.

Vickie Guerrero comes out & starts talking about How Jack Swagger will be in a match tonight. You can vote on the WWE APP which the 3 guys are. Khail, R Truth or Randy Orton.

We have a backstage segment with Team Hell No talking about losing the Tag Team Titles.

Sheamus Vs. Titus O'Neal
They lock up then a shoulder block from Sheamus. Titus with a headlock & shoulder block right back. Sheamus throws Titus over the top rope but grabs him on the apron to start up the clubbing shots. Back in the ring with Titus suplex Sheamus for a count of 2. Titus with right hands but here comes Sheamus with punches but a knock down by Titus. Titus locks in a shoulder submission until Sheamus fights out. Titus with another shoulder lock but here comes sheamus, He puts a big boot up then some clothesline goes for white noise but blocked. When he goes for the shoulder block Darren holds his foot. Titus misses the clothesline in the corner & Sheamus nails white noise followed by the Probe Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

Paul Heyman comes out to announce his newest client, He talks about How Brock Lesnar Defeated HHH at Extreme Rules. Heyman says its time for something different & annouces his new client which is Curtis Axel AKA Micheal McGillicutty from NXT. Lesnar compared him to a Brock Lesnar or A Cm Punk Future. Heyman says keeps saying his name but HHH comes out. HHH says that Curtis needs to back off & the Adults are talking. HHH says he isn't embarrassed about last night & he was in a war. HHH says he would love to beat the crap out of Heyman but Axel keeps getting in the way & Axel says the time has changed around there. HHH slaps Axel then Announces he will have a match with Axel tonight.

Big E. Langston Vs. Alberto Del Rio 
They lock up with ADR getting the better of the each change but Langston misses the spear in the corner then ADR locks in the arm bar but Langston picks him up & slams him. Langston gets the ropes then when he goes for the outside ADR locks it in again but Langston slams him on the floor. Back in the ring with a cover of 2, Langston with a power slam on his knee followed by a back submission but ADR fights out of it. Langston quick takes momentum but Langston gets kicked in the face followed by a DDT off the top rope by ADR. ADR with some punches & a clothesline followed by a back stabber. ADR nails the super kick for a count of 2. ADR call for the Arm bar but Langston blocks it by throwing him out of the ring. Back in the ring where ADR nails a kick to the back of the head out of know where then he goes for the Arm bar but AJ throws a bucket in the ring allowing the Referee to be distracted & Langston nails his power slam finisher for the win.

Winner: Langston

AJ Lee Defeats Layla

Cody Rhodes vs. Zack Ryder
Ryder comes off the second rope but Cody ducks. Ryder with a dropkick and some more offense. Cody turns it around and stomps Ryder down in the corner. Cody with a slam and a 2 count. Cody works on the arm now. Ryder comes back and hits his usual moves. Ryder nails the big right hand in the corner and then the Broski Boot. Ryder covers for a 2 count. More back and forth. Cody hits a Disaster Kick for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match Ryback Attacks Ryder then puts him in the Ambulance.

The Shield Vs. Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston
Kingston and Ambrose start it out. They exchange holds, and Kofi snapmares out, knocking AMbrose down for a 1 count. Kingston with some arm drags ala The Dragon. Ambrose is reeling, and here comes the AMERCAN Dragon Daniel Bryan! Bryan delivers some shots to Ambrose, who struggles out and tags in Rollins, who gets tripped up by Bryan. He locks in the surfboard on Rollins and hooks him by the mouth. Kicks to Rollins, and Kane gets the tag and hits a big boot for 2. Boots to Rollins. Kane hits a running elbow for a 2 count. Kingston tags in and hits some clubbing blows. Hammerlock to Rollins and some knees to the back. Rollins elbows out and hits a clothesline. Kofi leapfrogs Rollins and hits an elbow of his own for 2. Rollins drives Kofi to the Shield’s corner. Reigns tags in, and powers Kofi down to the mat. Big shoulder block by Reigns. Rear chin lock on Kofi. He fights out, but Reigns just rag dolls him and slams him to the mat for a near fall. Ambrose in and he cinches in an unique leg lace-nerve hold submission. Kofi hung up in the ropes and Ambrose with a dropkick to the midsection, which gets 2. Rollins in and he stomps Kofi in the corner. Kofi fights back, but Rollins hits a nasty reverse STO into the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Rollins has Kofi down, but Kingston fights out, only to get pulled down. Rollins mocks Kofi, but gets head scissored for it. Bryan gets the tagRollins trips him up. Ambrose in now, and sets up Bryan for a superplex but Bryan counter Air Goat connects Bryan grabs the arm and locks in the NO! Lock! Ambrose makes the ropes. Back from break with Kingston tags in and comes off the ropes onto Reigns, who jsut shrugs it off and powers him down. Ambrose in with some shots, but Kofi reverses and hits his split into a 10-punch followed by a stiff-looking uppercut. Bryan in now and hangs Ambrose in the Tree of Woe. Basement dropkick to the face ala Tommy Dreamer! Ambrose manages to find Rollins for the tag. He catches Bryan and DRILLS him with a nasty buckle bomb. Reigns in and just about takes Bryan’s head off with a hard clothesline. Sleeper hold on Bryan, but he fights out. Elbow to Bryan, then a big knee for a near fall. Tag to Ambrose. Boots to Bryan and an elbow gets a 2 count. High angle back suplex gets another near fall for Ambrose. Measured right hands to Bryan, who fights back with headbutts, but gets a knee to the midsection. Rollins in now and chokes Bryan in the ropes. Fresh tag to Ambrose. He mouths off to Bryan, who debilitates Ambrose with a big roundhouse kick. Kane gets the tag and now he is in with air of clotheslines to Reigns, and a side slam gets 2. Kofi takes out Ambrose, then Bryan and Kofi suicide dive onto Ambrose and Rollins Clothesline from the top to Reigns. ollins sends Kofi into a ringpost. Ambrose takes out Bryan. Kane with a big boot to Reigns and sets up for the chokeslam. Ambrose off the top, gets uppercutted by Kane. Reigns gets goozled flying knee drop by Rollins! Spear from Reigns to Kane! Three count.

Winner: The Shield

Jack Swagger Vs. Randy Orton
They lock up then some technical work until Orton catches him with a drop kick as they go out of the ring. Orton with a back suplex on the barricade. Orton with a clothesline then back in the ring we go. Orton starts up the ten punches in the corner then a big suplex for a count of 2. Jack starts beating him down then a shoulder block follwed by some knee's in the corner but orton fires back with some kicks & a thez press full of punches. Orton punches the hands of Swagger but out of nowhere Swagger attacks the Left knee of orton. He puts on a leg submission but Orton fights out of it then sends Swagger over the top rope. Orton goes for the DDT on the apron but Swagger sends him back first into the barricade. Swagger back in the ring locks in the leg lock once again but orton fights out with punches. Orton with some kicks then gets knocked out of the ring. Back from break we see orton fighting out of the same Submission & Swagger misses a spear in the corner allowing Orton to go up top. They fight o the top then Orton with a superplex for a count of 2. Orton with several uppercuts then Swagger with a belly to belly suplex for a count of 2. Swagger misses the splash in the corner & here comes orton with his quick signature moves. Swagger blocks the DDT for another Belly to Belly suplex for a count of 2. Swagger with the ankle lock but orton rolls through & orton connects with the back breaker for a count of 2. Orton hits the DDT followed by a missed RKO & Swagger locks in the Ankle Lock but orton gets to the ropes/ he kicks his way out. Swagger goes out & back in the ring which he gets caught with the RKO for the win.

Winner: Orton

Curtis Axel Vs HHH
HHH starts man handling him all around the ring with Punches & Kicks but when they get back in the ring here comes Curtis with Punches like no other. HHH throws him in the corner with right hands but Curtis catches him with a drop kick for a count of 2. Curtis with some kicks, elbows to the game. Curtis comes off the top rope with a elbow for a count of 2. Curtis with a headlock but HHH fights out with a spear into the corner several times. HHH hits the face buster on his knee followed by a spine buster. HHH clotheslines him out of the ring while it seems like something is wrong with the game. HHH slams Curtis head off the apron but here comes Curtis with right hands. HHH clotheslines him then back in the ring we go but HHH is not looking good. He goes to the doctor to sit down & he gets a second wind. They sit him down once again as they check on him & they call the match off. HE collapses as we go off the air. Um okay?

This match ends in a no contest.

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