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  • HHH Vs. Curtis Axel Ended In A No Contest
  • Kane Def Dean Ambrose Via DQ
  • The Miz Def Cody Rhodes
  • Chris Jericho Def Big E. Langston
  • Antonio Cesaro Def Sin Cara
  • Roman Reigns Vs. Randy Orton Ended In A No Contest
  • Daniel Bryan Def Seth Rollins
  • Damien Sandow Def R Truth
We Get a recap of the HHH Injury angle & him fighting with his family last week on raw.

HHH comes to the ring for his match...

HHH Vs. Curtis Axel

They tie up but HHH is in a brawling mood with lefts & right hands. HHH is all over him in the corner then a suplex for a count of 2. Vince McMahon comes to the ring as HHH puts in a headlock on Axel. Axel fights back with a knock down but HHH throws him out of the ring. Vince grabs a microphone then calls for the bell. Its announced that Curtis Axel wins  via DQ

Winner: Axel ?

HHH tells Justin Roberts to continue...

They go back at it with a tie up & HHH locks in a headlock as Vince comes back out to the ring. A shoulder block by HHH then Vince says the match ended in a forfeit. HHH once again tells Roberts to restart in a 60 minute iron man match. A third time Vince tells Axel to move on because he won the match twice already. Vince takes the bell to the back. Im gonna say this match ended in a no contest. 

Backstage segment with HHH & Stephanie with HHH saying he was wrong, HHH wants to be looking for Vince. She Pleads not to hurt him.

Kane Vs. Dean Ambrose
No bell? Ambrose is all over kane with right hands but walks into a big boot for a count of 2. A drop kick by kane then throws him in the corner but Ambrose works the midsection then a rope burn. Ambrose gets caught by Kane for a back breaker. Kane in control, knee to the back then a boot to the face. Right hands, an Irish whip in the corner for further punishment. Kane with a back breaker into a back submission. Hey the new bell is back, Ambrose with headbutts but Ambrose slaps kane but is thrown to the outside of the ring. Kane with a right hand then tries to bounce Ambrose head off the steps buts its blocked. Ambrose comes off the steps but walks into a uppercut to lead into commercial. Back from break with Ambrose in full control then locks in a face lockbut Kane fights out of it with right hands then a drop kick for a count of 2. Ambrose with kicks, followed by a Leg submission but Kane gets out of it. Ambrose up to the top rope but Kane fights back & reverse the move off the top. Ambrose with kicks but is caught by kane for a suplex for a count of 2. Kane goes for a back body drop then Ambrose goes for a roll up but is clotheslines in the corner. Kane with a side walk slam for a count of 2. Kane goes to the top rope but Ambrose fights him then goes for a suplex & pushed off. Kane comes off with a clothesline, Kane calls for the end & when he goes for the chokslam, Rollins & Reigns comes to attack Kane. Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan make the save.

Winner Via DQ: Kane

Backstage Segment with Daniel Bryan, Kane & Randy Orton about what happened on Smackdown last week. Vickie Guerrero announces That Bryan & Orton Will face The Shield for the Tag Team Gold. Then Kane will Challenge for the U.S Title at Payback PPV.

They announce that Wade Barrett Vs. the Miz at payback.

The Miz Vs. Cody Rhodes
Miz is in full control with a big boot but misses when he comes off the top rope & Rhodes works the left leg of the Miz. Rhodes with a front suplex for a count of 2. Rhodes locks in a leg submission but Miz fights out of it then Rhodes kicks the inner thigh of the Challenger for a count of 2. Rhodes is in control until Miz comes back with a roll through figure four leg lock for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Paul Heyman comes out & tells them that even though Fandango can't compete there will still be a Triple Threat Match at payback & the third Man is Curtis Axel.

We get a Mark Henry Video Package to hype his return to Raw Next Week.

A Backstage Segment with Vince & Stephanie He just ignores her & says he has a show to run.

Chris Jericho comes out & says he is the best in the world. He talked about how Tough Cm Punk is then Dolp Ziggler comes back & says that he earned his World Title. He will be Alberto Del Rio. Jericho calls out Ziggler but Ziggler says no & Big E. Langston will have a match with him.

Chris Jericho Vs. Big E. Langston
We come back from break with Jericho in control then Jericho for a count of 2 when Ziggler distracts him then With Jericho being distracted Langston knocks him down. Alberto Del Rio comes down to attack Ziggler & that distracts Langston to allow Jericho to hit the code breaker for the win.

Winner: Jericho

Antonio Cesaro Vs. Sin Cara
A takedown by Cesaro then he throws Cara to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring where Cara hits an arm drag then a head scissors. Cara gets tied up on the top ropes to have Cesaro gain control. Cesaro with a suplex then a headlock & another suplex. A double stomp for a count of 2, then right back into a headlock but Cara fights out & kicks Cesaro in the face. A head scissors by Cara then a powerbomb for  account of 2. Cara hits a kick, goes to the top rope but is caught by Cesaro into a back breaker then Nails the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

Daniel Bryan Vs. Seth Rollins
They go back & forth until Bryan gets the advantage with several kicks. Bryan goes for the Surf board submission but Rollins gets to the ropes. A drop kick by Bryan then he comes off the apron with a knee shot. When they get back in the ring Rollins knocks him down & gets in control to lead into break. Back from break with Rollins drop kicking him. Rollins with a headlock but Bryan fights back & they trade punches. Rollins goes for a kick but Bryan reverses it into a Boston crab. Bryan with several kicks in the corner then a running drop kick for a count of 2. Rollins catches him with a enziguri kick then mocks him by doing the several kicks then goes for a german suplex but turns it into a powerbomb into the corner. Rollins throws him into the corner then nails a forearm but Bryan throws Rollins over the top rope & goes for the Dive to the outside but walks right into a forearm. Rollins misses off the top rope & Bryan hits a german suplex followed by a kick to the back of the head for a count of 2. Bryan goes to the top rope but is knocked down & Rollins is up there but Bryan gets out & gets behind him to hit a suplex but Rollins reverses it into a cross body. Reigns gets on the apron but Orton attacks him to distract Rollins & Bryan hits a roll up for the win. After the match They kick then RKO on Rollins.

Winners: Bryan

Kaitlin comes out to see who her secret admirer is Big E. Langston. He comes down with flowers & she says takes the flowers. He grabs the Microphone & he says that people look at him like an animal. He says just give him a chance & he goes to kiss her but throws her down. AJ lee comes down & talks about how she feels then its all because of her. Its all Kaitlin's fault for her man issues. She calls her trash as Kaitlin cries then she says that the only thing she has is the Divas title but AJ is going to win it this Sunday. She calls her a cow & Kaitlin attacks her. 

My recording of the show was stopped so summing up the rest of the show

Damien Sandow Def R Truth

We have a backstage segment with HHH & Vince McMahon. It all came down to HHH admitting he was wrong & he is bigger than Curtis Axel. Vince says that he would like to see that match & could happen next week on Raw. They hug it out to end the segment

John Cena & Ryback end the show with the Face Off with Lumberjacks. Cena makes fun of Ryback & doesn't take him seriously. Of Course Ryback does the hole im going to destroy you & win the title. Cena challenges him to a fight right now but when Ryback walks to the back then came back to the ring the Lumberjacks held them back to end the show.

Thanks for watching along with me.
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