Pre show Tag Team Title Match: The Shield (c) Defeats The Uso's
The Shield won after Spear from Reigns. 

We kick off the PPV with the World Title MITB Ladder Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Jack Swagger vs. Fandango vs. Wade Barrett vs. Damien Sandow vs. Antonio Cesaro

As Swagger & Cesaro make there way to the ring, Zeb Colter does a promo about How Criminals have took over America. Sandow does a promo as well saying they will be Future Champions. 

Here we go, They all start brawling with eachother. Keep in mind this match is crazy so ill do my best to cover. Road Scholars & Real Americans take out other people with Ladders then Square off in the ring with the Real Americans throwing there ladders at them & taking control. Cesaro throws Rhodes on a ladder in the corner. They double team Sandow & do the same thing to him. We the People!, they go for Sandwhich ladder on Cody but he fights out but taken out with a ladder by Swagger. Swagger goes to climb but Ambrose attacks him but Ambrose nails a splash in the corner & sends him out of the ring. He goes for glory as he climbs but Wade knocks him down the uses the ladder & puts the knee's to the face. Wade gets the ladder set up & uses it on the Real Americans but Fandango kicks him ten a leg drop over the top rope. Fandango starts to climb but Cody fly's off the top rope but catches a ladder shot From Ambrose. Sandow has Fandango on his shoulder but he gets off. Sandow sends Fandango head first into the Ladder then suplex him on one. Wade breaks a piece of the ladder & nails Sandow with it. Wade climbs the Ladder but Ambrose fights him on it. Real Americans take Wade off it & Cesaro uppercuts him. Swagger Spine buster off the ladder but it was a reverse by Ambrose DDT. Ambrose & Cesaro fight on the ladder & Cesaro chokes Ambrose on the ladder til he falls. Cesaro & Cody start to fight but Cody nails a brain Buster on the ladder in the corner. Wade kicks Cody in the ribs then a DDT, Wade suplex Cody on a ladder & on the outside Swagger sends Sandow into a ladder. Wade sets up the Ladder & Swagger goes up as well, they fight until Wade Bull hammer on the top of the Ladder & Fandango goes to Capitalize & he Sun Set Flips Powerbomb On Wade. Fandango climbs up but Ambrose Nails a Front DDT off the ladder. Ambrose climbs but Cesaro folds up the ladder & Swagger assist. HE puts the Ladder on his head & hits anything with an Heartbeat. The Real Americans pick  up the Ladder but he skins the cat but they dump him over the top rope. They throw the Ladder on Wade. Swagger Assists Cesaro to grab the Briefcase but Rhodes Drop kicks Swagger off the top rope! Swagger is sents to the outside. Cody nails cross rodes on Fandango then on Barrett. Cody went & grabbed a huge ladder, he sets it up & starts to climb but Ambrose fights with him on top of the Ladder until Ambrose is thrown off the Ladder. Cody reaches for it until Rollins & Reigns attack him.  Rollins drop kicks Barrett & Reigns Spears Fandango. They help him climb but The Uso's come out to make the save. There is a huge brawl outside but Ambrose climbs the ladder but sent outside the ring off the ladder. Cody sets up the ladder but Sandow pushes him off the Ladder & Wins! Hail Alouya

Winner: Damien Sandow

Brad Maddox comes out for some reason & says He as placed her with the MITB Panel. We have to sit through a Tribute Video Package. 

Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel (c) Vs. The Miz
They lock up, but Axel with a knee to the ribs then a right hand. A couple chops to the chest. Axel gets caught but a Flat jack by Miz. Axel goes outside the ring for a regroup, Miz with a drop kick then a tackle off the apron. With the Refree back turned Miz acts like Heyman punched Miz so Heyman can get thrown out. Miz back in the ring but caught with an elbow then Axel with a stepping suplex for 2. Axel throws him in the corner then puts the boots to him. Axel with a drop kick, He then goes for a snapping neck breaker followed by a arm submission but Miz fights out of it. Miz side steps the splash in the corner then hits a forearm. Miz with a knee & Kick combo, Miz with a running clothesline in the corner. Miz off the top rope with a axe hammer for a count of 2. Miz goes for his finisher but blocked then runs into a kick & Axel goes for the suplex. Miz goes for the figure four but blocked & thrown into the corner & walks into a Perfect suplex for a count of 2. Miz attacks the leg then goes for the Figure four lock but Axel gets to be able to reverse it into his favor but Miz rolls over again. Axel gets to the ropes. Axel goes to the outside & Miz chases him back in the ring & Axel nails a face smasher move for the win.

Winner & Still Champion: Axel

Diva's Title Match: AJ Lee (c) Vs. Kaitlyn 
Kaitlyn  pushes her down to start things off then nails a rib breaker. Kaitlyn  throws her out of the ring, Kaitlyn was gonna send her into the ring post but blocked & Kaitlyn  is sent in there. AJ who is in control sends her in the ring for a count of 2. AJ locks in a elbow submission. AJ controls this match until Kaitlyn reverse with a back breaker. Back & forth we go until AJ locks in the Black Widow for the win.

Winner & Still Champion: AJ LEE

Ryback Vs. Chris Jericho
Ryback gets things going with power shots then works the midsection in the corner but here comes Y2J with chops until Ryback steps out of the ring. Back in the ring we go but Jericho with a drop kick then back in the ring where he goes to the top rope & a tackle. Jericho with forearms then throws him in the corner but Ryback catches him with a clothesline. Goldberg chants start as Jericho starts to attack the injured leg of ryback but when he goes for the Spring board drop kick Ryback uses the ropes to his advantage. Ryback with a choke hold but Jericho fights out of it but then Power slammed & he goes up rope for a splash for a count of 2. Jericho fights back then goes for a roll up but is clotheslined. Ryback knocks Jericho off the apron to the announce table. Ryback with kicks to the ribs then tosses him. Ryback puts in a headlock but Jericho fights out then a knee to the face & here comes Jericho & nails a bridge for a count of 2. Jericho goes for the Walls but its blocked. He kicks him then is sent to the apron & comes off the top rope but caught & threw to the mat. Ryback with a Meat Hook then goes for Shell shock but Jericho gets out of it & goes for Code Breaker but is slammed down. Ryback with a powerbomb for a count of 2. Ryback throws him in the corner but Jericho attacks the injured leg then a enziguri for a count of 2. Jericho hits a code breaker through the second rope but Ryback falls to the outisde. He makes his way back & Jericho goes to the top rope & nails crossbody for a count of 2. Jericho is caught & nails Shell Shock but countered into a DDT for a count of 2. Jericho knocks him down then goes for Lion Sal but missed & Ryback wins with a roll up. 

Winner: Ryback

World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) Vs. Dolp Ziggler
They lock up but a quick roll up by Ziggler. ADR with a kick then a forearm, another takedown into a headlock by ADR. A shoulder block by ADR but walks right into a Drop kick by Ziggler. Ziggler nails a splash into the corner for a count of 2, Ziggler with several elbows. Ziggler clotheslines him out of the ring, but Ziggler coming back to the ring he gets Enziguri then sent into the Barricade. Back in the ring, ADR with several knee's to the back of the head then a headlock until Ziggler gets out of it with punches then a roll up followed by a drop kick by Ziggler. Ziggler misses a splash in the corner, ADR with some kicks, He puts Ziggler on the 2nd rope & with a right hand to the head. ADR misses a move & goes flying through the 2nd rope to the outside. ADR ties him up on the rope then goes to the top rope but Ziggler does a face smasher! for a count of 2. They trade right hands until Ziggler gets the advantage & ADR goes shoulder first into the Ring post. Ziggler with a neck breaker for a count of 2. Ziggler goes for the Aimser but blocked with a Suplex for a count of 2. ADR blocks a drop kick then several spears in the corner but misses the Enziguri & nails a Fameiser for a count of 2. Ziggler gets Zig Zagged blocked & ADR nails a Back Breaker for a count of 2. ADR goes to the top rope but Ziggler nails a drop kick out of nowhere. AJ Lee music hits & she runs around the ring. She Distracts him but Ziggler nails a DDT. Ziggler goes to the top rope but ADR knocks him down. ADR hits a face first DDT for a count of 2. ADR calls for the end & goes for the arm bar but blocked. ADR nails a super kick for a count of 2. ADR takes the knee pad down & goes for something but blocked & AJ nailed ADR with the Title Causing the DQ.

Winner Via DQ: Alberto Del Rio 

WWE Title Match: John Cena (c) Vs. Mark Henry
Cena walks right into a knee by Henry, He headbutts him then some chops in the corner. He throws him in the corner then a big splash for a count of 2. Henry with a headbutt sends him out of the ring. Henry suplex Cena rib first onto the steel steps. Back in the ring we go for a count of 2. They trade punches then Cena drop kicks him but is knocked down by Henry. Henry Swinging toss to the outside then does it again into the Barricade. Henry brings him back in the ring then misses a splash in the corner & when Cena goes for a suplex Henry lands on him for a count of 2. They trade shots until Cena gets the advantage & nails a shoulder block. Cena nails a side suplex, Five knuckle Shuffle then goes for the AA but Henry falls on him. Henry goes for a suplex but its blocked & Cena nails a DDT. Cena goes for the AA & Nails it but Henry kicked out. Cena goes up top & is caught & Henry hits the Worlds Strongest Slam for count of 2. Henry rips the covering off the Turnbuckle & then grabbed two chairs. Cena backs him in the corner & ripped off that Turnbuckle but is sent into the expose one & Cena locks in the STF but Henry gets to the ropes. Cena gets pushed & the Referee is down & Henry low blows him but only gets a two count. Henry goes for the Worlds Strongest Slammed but Cena gets out of it & locks in the STF for the win.

Winner & Still WWE Champion: CENA

WWE Title MITB Ladder Match: RVD vs. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian
They all attack RVD then Sheamus then everyone starts brawling. Christian & Orton is sent outside. Punk & DB go after RVD then they start exchanging kicks. Punk with chops & sneds him in the corner but blocked then A tease of the GTS & No Lock until Sheamus hits them & Christian but Orton nails a drop kick on Sheamus. RVD comes off the top with a drop kick to Sheamus. He nails a monkey Flip on Christian then a kick to orton. RVD poses then drop kicks onto Sheamus & Punk. Christian goes for the unpretter but is suplex on the ladder. DB runs into a kick & RVD hits Rolling thunder. Orton sends him out of the ring but he goes to the top rope & goes for the frog splash but Christian hits him with a ladder. A Mini Ladder comes into Play attacking people. Christian brings two ladders in the ring & hits Orton with the little one. Christian gets one ladder ready but Sheamus knocks him down. He spears him in the corner then climbs himself. Christian climbs over him but Sheamus takes him off. Christian reverse it but gets hit with the Ladder. Sheamus Climbs onces again but here comes RVD to push him over. RVD goes for the ladder but catches a knee to the face then Sheamus hits a front senton on the ladder. DB pulls him out of the ring & Sheamus sends him into the Barricade. Sheamus sets the ladder between the ring & Table. Sheamus on the apron & has DB then goes for a powerbomb but blocked & DB knee to the face off the apron. Punk climbs the ladder but Orton holds the leg then headbutts him. Christian pulls him down. A 2nd ladder is put up next to it & we have Christian, DB, Orton, Sheamus, Punk & ok fine all 6 guys on them going for it until everyone falls trying to get the Briefcase. Sheamus clotheslines Punk, RVD then back breaker to DB & Orton. He hits a back breaker into White Noise on Christian. He clilmbs the ladder but Probe kicks RVD. Sheamus is close but DB & him fight up there until Sheamus clubs the chest of Bryan & sends him off the ladder. Sheamus held on to it but was pulled down by Punk. Punk with chops in the corner but Sheamus gives him some of his own. Sheamus with the ladder but Punk moves & nails a running knee. Punk on the top rope puts all of his knee on the ladder sending Sheamus to the mat face first. Orton & Punk trade right hands until Orton suplex Punk on the Ladder. Orton goes for the 2nd rope DDT & Nails it. Orton turns around & Christian spears him. Christian climbs the Ladder but RVD grabs a ladder & hits him off with it. RVD sets up a ladder in the corner then a spinning Leg drop. RVD & Christian battle on the ladder until RVD is knocked off. Christian with several kicks then sets up a ladder, he climbs until RVD goes up to fight with him then they exchange & then they both fall but RVD gets on the other Ladder as Christian falls. RVD off the Ladder for the Frog Splash!. RVD climbs the ladder & here comes sheamus, They fight until Sheamus sends RVD Flying into the ropes. DB double kicks Sheamus & RVD several times. Orton gets nailed in the gut with the ladder then in the corner with the ladder is drop kicked. DB hits a suciside dive to the outside on punk. Then a double drop kick on Sheamus & Rvd. Sheamus was on the top rope & DB hit him with a ladder sending him to the outside crashing into a ladder. Bryan was climbing the ladder but Curtis Axel lays him out with chair shots & some sort of a neck breaker. Punk nails the GTS to Axel. Paul Heyman comes out & yells at Axel for doing that. Punk climbs the Ladder & Heyman sends another Ladder into the legs of Punk then head first that opened Punk wide open. RVD climbs the ladder but Orton takes the leg out of RVD & nails a RKO. Orton climbs to Opportunity & Grabs the Briefcase for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

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