WWE SmackDown (Airing Friday):

JBL & Michael Cole come out for commentary.

SmackDown started with Daniel Bryan vs. Christian, two of the best workers, putting on an excellent match. It went back and forth. Bryan won with Yeslock.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton was announced as the main event for tonight.

On screen, Dolph Ziggler and Teddy talk. Dolph has the night off. Dolph also wants to become the next World Heavyweight Champion and says he will win the title at Money in the Bank this Sunday night.

Up next is Jey Uso vs. Seth Rollins Seth Rollins got the win in an OK match. Uso and Reigns were at ringside. Rollins hit Uso with a knee to the back of the head. The Shield got up on the announcers table and celebrated following the match.

Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Axel, with Paul Heyman. Chris won by count out after a Codebreaker. Axel was tangled in the ropes for the move and landed outside. Axel also got angry during the match and destroyed the announcers table. Heyman tried to calm him down like he does with Lesnar. Great match.

A graphic airs advertising that The Wyatt Family will be here later tonight.

The Miz vs. Ryback. Ryback is huge in person. Miz was so much better as a heel. Ryback fakes a knee injury and hits the meat hook, then Shellshock. Ryback wins.

A backstage segment with Sheamus airs where he says he’ll win the Money in the Bank match and become a three-time WWE Champion. Tonight, he faces Randy Orton though.

There was a table with microphones set up. Teddy Long came out will a bunch of Divas. Kaitlyn, then AJ, with Big E followed. This was the contract signing for their match on Sunday. AJ tried to embarrass Kaitlyn with texts she sent to Big E during the secret admirer phase. It was a pretty awful segment. It ended in a fight. Kaitlyn slapped Big E. and speared AJ.

Wade Barrett came out. Jack Swagger, with Zeb and Antonio Cesaro, came out. Zeb is on commentary. Fandango is Swagger’s opponent. The Rhodes Scholars came down during the match and ran their mouths. Fandango won with the roll up. Cesaro and Swagger argued after the match.

A promo with The Wyatt Family aired. Bray Wyatt showed the footage from RAW where they destroyed Kane.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara. Sin Cara attacked Del Rio immediately. He hits a Zig Zag and then gyrated his hips and left. It turned out to be Dolph Ziggler under the Sin Cara mask.

Right after this Vickie came out and screamed something. I couldn’t hear it over the boos. Teddy came on the stage and told her she was fired. He had security come out and take her away as she screamed in horror.

Before the main event, there was a backstage segment with Teddy Long stopping Dolph Ziggler. Sin Cara appeared and was wearing his wrestling gear, making it look like he was actually the one who attacked Del Rio earlier in the night. Teddy Long is confused.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton. Solid match. The both took a fall outside the ring and Daniel Bryan came and got a ladder. He hit Sheamus and started to climb it. Sheamus pulled him down and tossed him out. Christian came out and stopped him. He started climbing and Sheamus climbed as well and Daniel kicked them off. Daniel climbed and ate an RKO! Randy climbed up and got the case. End of Smackdown. Good show. I missed CM Punk and the Wyatts though.

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