Taped on August 6th in Rockford, Illinois

[Q1] Cole welcomed us to the show and Randy Orton’s music hit straight away. They showed video clips of the triple threat main event from last week’s show. Orton posed for the crowd and got a great reaction. RVD then made his ring entrance for the first match of the night. Cole and JBL put over both guys on commentary as being on hot streaks. 

1. RVD vs. Randy Orton: They began the match with some mat reversals. Orton ducked a leap from, but ended up taking a kick to the face anyway. RVD played to the crowd and Orton looked on annoyed. Some idiot in the front row blew a whistle and did the RVD pointing in a homage to Bill Alfonso. It was still annoying as ever. Orton hit a standing dropkick and covered for two. Orton ducked a jumping RVD, who spilled over the top to the outside. 

Both men reversed attacks on the floor until RVD sent Orton into the steps. RVD draped Orton over the barricade, and RVD rolled into the ring to break the count. He then did his spinning heel kick to the back of Orton, and both men sold the impact…[c]

Orton dropped knees on RVD mid ring, and then climbed the ropes for the 10 punches bit. RVD hit a back elbow on a charging Orton, and then climbed the ropes, only to get shoved off into the barricade on the outside. “This is Awesome” chants broke out as Orton hit a back suplex onto the barricade. He then rolled RVD into the ring and made a cover for a near fall. A long chin lock later, RVD broke free and hit some clotheslines. He then followed up with a nice kick to the chin, and a split legged moonsault for a near fall. 

[Q2] RVD went to the top again and hit a top rope clothesline for another two count. He went for a leap frog in the corner, but Orton avoided him and hit an inverted backbreaker out of the corner. Orton couldn’t capitalize on it quickly enough and got a two count on the cover. Orton hit a couple of clotheslines and his snap powerslam for another near fall. Orton then went for his rope DDT, but RVD countered into bridging pin for a two count. RVD went for a springboard move from the outside, but ate a standing dropkick. Orton then hit an apron DDT through the ropes, and pumped up for an RKO.

Orton attempted the RKO, but Van Dam slipped out and hit a kick. He then went for a pin but got a near fall. He then hit rolling thunder and went up top for a frog splash, but he missed and Orton popped up for the RKO and the pinfall victory. 

Randy Orton defeated Randy Orton at 13:01. 

The announce team plugged Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio as the Main Event, and MizTV with Big E Langston and AJ as next…[c]

A clip from Raw was shown of the finish of Kaitlyn vs. Layla on Monday. The Miz was in the ring for his interview show, and he invited AJ and Big E out right away. Another clip was shown of Kaitlyn and AJ getting involved in the Dolph vs. Big E match from Monday. Miz said there is one common denominator in those clips, and it’s AJ. He asked her what the relationship is between Big E and AJ. 

AJ said that he was there for her, and was her best friend and a super nice guy. Miz gave Big E a thumbs up, and said AJ has had a lot of “friends”. He mentioned all her past boyfriends, and she gave her excuses for why they didn’t work out. Miz asked her if she ever considered that she was the problem. She replied and said they tricked her into falling in love, and then left her. AJ then claimed that she should have had her best friend Kaitlyn to help her, but she left her too. She then said the Divas title would be with her until she was old and gray, and it wouldn’t leave her like that disrespectful and small little man Dolph Ziggler. 

[Q3] On cue, Dolph Ziggler made his way to the ring. Ziggler said blah blah blah, and told her to face it. He said women haven’t been able to get over him for his entire life, and her either. AJ freaked out and said that he was out there because she wasn’t over him, and that he was sad because he’d never be able to touch her again. Kaitlyn then interrupted and said that he can’t touch her, but she can. She said AJ cost both her and Dolph with the title, and wanted to know why she was so obsessed with them. 

They all talked over each other, and Miz told them all to shut up. Miz said it was his show, and since he was the host of SummerSlam, he would make a match between all four of them at SummerSlam. Kaitlyn said she can’t wait to slap the crazy off her face. AJ and Kaitlyn brawled, and Big E broke them up. Ziggler then hit a Zig Zag on Big E, and AJ popped up in order to eat a spear from Kaitlyn.

A clip aired of Bryan shaving Wade Barrett’s beard on Monday, and Cole said Bryan would face Barrett later tonight. He also plugged a Lesnar vs. Punk clip for later as well…[c]

The CM Punk and Brock Lesnar confrontation from Monday was shown, nearly in it’s entirety. A interview with Lesnar was advertised for later tonight. Backstage, Vickie and Alberto Del Rio argued. She claimed he was disrespectful in the way he handled Christian and Ricardo, and he said he could get hurt and not be able to compete at SummerSlam. She said it was a risk she was willing to take. In the arena, Fandango made his ring entrance with Summer Rae. Cole said he would meet Kofi next…[c]

[Q4] Kofi Kingston made his ring entrance to a nice pop from the crowd. A clip was shown of their match on Monday. 

2. Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango: They traded offense to start, with Kofi hitting nice back elbow. He went for Trouble in Paradise early, but Fandango avoided it and sent Kofi out of the ring. Fandango hit a suplex on the outside, and went for a cover for a one count. Somebody chanted USA in the crowd, despite both men being Americans. Fandango applied a chin lock, but Kofi escaped and reversed a back suplex into a pin attempt for two. Fandango then charged him in the corner and ate the post. 

Kofi fired up and hit some chops. Fandango rolled to the outside to recover, and Kofi climbed to the top. Summer Rae was in the way, but Kofi eventually jumped over her and hit a flying forearm on Fandango from the apron. Summer Rae faked an injury and Kofi looked at her long enough to get tossed into the post by Fandango in a nice spot. . Fandango then hit the Alabama Jam from the top for the win.

Fandango defeated Kofi Kingston at 4:55. 

Daniel Bryan was shown backstage. Renee Young saw him and asked him what he thought of Mr. McMahon’s makeover on Monday. Bryan said he likes the way he looks, and when McMahon asked him to shave the beard it was his breaking point. He then said contrary to what John Cena said, he has never changed who he was to make it in WWE. He claimed he would change history, however, when he beat John Cena for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. The beard is still here…[c]

[Q5] A clip was shown of the main event from Monday, and showed The Shield DQ, followed by RKO’s on Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Bryan then made his ring entrance, and got a nice reaction from the crowd. Barrett then made his entrance, clean shaven and carried a pair of clippers with him.

3. Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett: Bryan hit a nice running clothesline and some kicks early, but Barrett clotheslined him out of the ring when he tried to hit the ropes a second time. Barrett followed up and rammed him into the barricade, and then tossed him into the steps at ringside. Barrett tied up Bryan in the ropes and hit some knee lifts and a big boot. He then covered for a two count. Barrett applied a bow and arrow, and Bryan escaped quickly. 

Bryan avoided a charging Barrett and hit a drop toe hold on to the turnbuckle. Bryan backed up and took a run at Barrett, but he got hit with the winds of change. Barrett covered for a two count. Barrett tried to use the clippers on Bryan’s beard, but he failed to get close and Bryan hit a knee from the Apron to the floor. He then hit a top rope head butt and applied the Yes Lock for the submission victory. 

Daniel Bryan defeated Wade Barrett at 4:10.

After the match, Bryan stomped on the clippers and shattered it on the steel steps. Renee Young interviewed Damien Sandow backstage. She showed him clips of his briefcase getting tossed into the Gulf of Mexico. She began to speak and he silenced her. Damien said all we’ve learned is that Cody is a thief and that they will settle their differences at SummerSlam. He the produced a newer “Sandowized” briefcase and said that inside is a new contract. He then said he will present it to Mr. Del Rio at a later date and become the Champion of the unwashed masses. Kane was shown walking to the ring for a match next…[c]

[Q6] A Kane and Wyatt Family promo aired that went over the match being made between them on Monday. Kane then made his ring entrance, with 3MB already in the ring. 

4. Kane vs. 3MB in a Handicap Match: Cole said the Ring of Fire match is basically an inferno match. Kane punched 3MB around for a second, until 3MB got a brief triple team on him. He quickly broke that up and tossed all three men to ringside and beat the crap out of all of them. He tossed Slater over the announce table, and McIntyre into the steps. He hit a chokeslam on Mahal mid ring a few seconds later for the win.

Kane defeated 3MB at 1:35.

Bray Wyatt was shown on the tron and said Ring of Fire sounds like a match that favors the Devil’s favorite demon, and he said he liked it. He said Kane doesn’t understand what he’s involved in, and said the fire will not stop the souls of his followers, because they are everywhere. He said once they are in the ring at SummerSlam, the tables will be turned and the fire will be used against him. Wyatt asked Kane if he wanted to hear a secret, and then told him he was already dead. He laughed maniacally to close the promo, and Kane set off his pyro in the ring to end the segment…[c]

An interview with Lesnar was shown. He said a lot of people assume this feud is between Punk and Heyman. Lesnar said he wanted to make it clear that it was personal between him and Punk. He doesn’t like Punk, and the only reason he let Punk alone was out of respect for Paul. Lesnar claimed Punk walks around like he owns the place and thinks he’s tough because he takes MMA classes for beginners at his local gym. He conceded that it was impressive that Punk held the WWE Championship for 400+ days, but with the caveat that it was only impressive for “a guy like him”.

Lesnar said he gets asked if there is any professional jealousy on his part, and he said no. Punk was not an NCAA or UFC Champion, and Punk has never faced anyone like him, because there is no one like him. Lesnar then said size does matter, and that Punk will find out what it means to be victimized by him at SummerSlam. 

[Q7] The announce team plugged Heyman vs. Punk for Monday while Christian made his ring entrance for the main event…[c]

Alberto Del Rio made his ring entrance while they showed a clip of his match with RVD from Monday and subsequent attack on Ricardo. 

5. Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian: Del Rio hit a shoulder block and attempted a pin for a one count. Christian motioned for a test of strength, and Del Rio just kicked him in the gut. Christian hit a couple of shoulder blocks himself, and attempted a pin for a two count. Del Rio hit a nice kick to the back a moment later after a rest hold. Christian hit a drop toe hold onto the second rope, and went for a slap but Del Rio avoided it. Christian then tossed Del Rio out of the ring and hit a baseball slide…[c]

Christian hit punches mounted on the top rope. He then attempted a tilt-a-whirl DDT but Del Rio tossed him into the middle of the ring. Del Rio charged and then ducked a kick from Christian. Del Rio attempted to crotch Christian on the post, but he showboated and Christian kicked him down. Christian attempted a dive to the outside, but Del Rio moved and he crashed into the barricade. After another rest hold, Del Rio kept the pressure on Christian with a kick to the head. Another USA chant broke out, despite one man being from Canada and the other from Mexico.

[Q8] Del Rio hung up Christian in the tree of woe and put the boots to Christian. Del Rio then trash talked Christian until the ref separated them. Christian took advantage and slapped Del Rio. Christian climbed up the side of the turnbuckle, and Del Rio climbed up the other side. Both men brawled up on the top until they both spilled to the floor…[c]

Del Rio worked the shoulder with an armbreaker over the top rope. Del Rio climbed to the top rope, but Christian met him there and hit a top rope hurricanrana for a good near fall. He then hit a missile drop kick a moment later, followed by a slap to the face. He climbed up top one more time and hit a cross body for another close fall. Christian went to the second rope this time and hit a diving back elbow. He set up for the killswitch, but Del Rio countered and hit a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall of his own. 

Christian went for a sunset flip, but Del Rio rolled through. Christian attempted the killswitch another time, but Del Rio countered into a backstabber. Del Rio attempted a superkick onto a kneeling Christian, but he ducked. Christian popped up and hit a spear that popped the crowd for another good near fall. Del Rio called for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Christian avoided it and rolled up Del Rio for yet another near fall. Del Rio then hit a super kick and took his time making a cover. Christian grabbed Del Rio rolled him up as he walked by and got a surprise pin.

Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio at 20:08.

After the match, Del Rio stewed angrily at ringside. Eventually he got back into the ring and tried to trash talk Christian, but ate a killswitch instead. Damien Sandow’s music hit and he ran down to the ring with his briefcase and a referee. Before the ref could ring the bell, Cody Rhodes hit a cross body from the top rope, followed by a CrossRhodes. Rhodes’ music hit as he and Sandow stared each other down to close the show.
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