– Hulk Hogan has signed booking licenses outside of TNA, including 2K Sports for WWE 2K14, which upset many people in TNA as we reported earlier here on the website. It appears as though he has more heat backstage thanks to his non-TNA media booking appearances, including an arm wrestling match against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. This has given him a lot of media attention, but there has been no mention of him working in TNA in any of the media articles.

Some within the company are wondering if he is worth the money they are paying him. There is discussion on where the company is headed and if Hogan is involved in those plans. Meanwhile, Hogan is telling friends and co-workers that he can work a tag team match in the future, but can not work a one-on-one match.

We’re told Hogan’s TNA contract is expiring in several months so things could and likely will get interesting.

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