Bruno Sammartino recently was on the NB Show and talked about potential appearances on WWE TV and more. 

Check out the highlights:

On his contract with WWE: “Here is what I agreed with them on. They are going to do a video game on me, they are going to do some DVDs of my best matches and all that kind of stuff. I think they are going to do some merchandise like new dolls and stuff like that. I don’t know what else. t-shirts, they are going to do all these kind of things.”

On potential TV appearances: “I’m sure, even though I have no commitments, they will come to me about appearances here and there. But again, I wouldn’t sign any agreement to any of that because the way I worked it out with them is that I’d be willing in some areas, but all they can do is ask me and then I will have the right to say yes or no.”

On not wanting to be at WWE’s beck and call: “I don’t want to be in a situation where they could call me and be like, ‘Hey, you are going to appear on Monday Night Raw in Tennessee next Monday,’ or ‘You’re going to be in Boston.’ I wouldn’t go for any of that. If they called me for one of these things, I’d have to see if I was up to it at the time and let them know.”

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