– While there is a very good chance that we will see Chris Jericho on the next episode of Monday Night RAW, his availability for the rest of the year is more uncertain. The former WWE Heavyweight Champion is currently working on setting up a tour of the United States this summer. The band already has two shows booked in May, and they’re hoping to extend that. Depending on how much they’rebooking, Jericho’s availability to WWE could be severely limited.

– Trish Stratus is universally regarded as one of the best Diva performers ever, and fans naturally wanted her career to be longer. However, the former Diva reveals that she’s quite satisfied that she only wrestled for seven years. Trish said:

“Well, I feel I had a robust seven years. … It was so full.

I’ll put it this way: When I retired, everyone asked do you regret leaving? Do you miss it? I never missed it, I never regretted it. I did everything I wanted to do in the business. I had sort of a bucket list I guess you could say of things I wanted to do and things I wanted to accomplish. I worked with every girl that was a worker in the company. And I had really great storylines, not only with the girls but with the men superstars. So, I really had a full career that allowed me to do a bit of everything.

I recognized there was a limited shelf life. I mean, as a fan, you watch it and you just know — there’s a point where you watch it and you go, that guy should just go away. I think I knew at 30 that 30 was a good time to leave. There’s all that hot business, and I didn’t want to be that hot chick that looks good for a 30-year-old.”

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