Source: Pwinsider

A lawsuit filed by Brian Jack against WWE, Steve Keirn, Steve Keirn Inc. aka Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE NXT and others has been dismissed. The suit was filed by Jack claiming that he had suffered injuries when he was invited to train at FCW’s training center. The suit claimed that Jack was required to train in one of the center rings, despite “the fact there were two other fully functional training wrestling rings” at the center and that at 7:30 PM that evening the ring collapsed while he was training with a wrestler, which caused the “horrendously painful breaking” of his knee.

The suit claimed, “Defendants failed and refused to render any kind of meaningful aid. Defendants failed and refused to contact emergency personnel for the Plaintiff regarding his injuries. Defendant Keirn, at the time of the injury, confidentially advised the Plaintiff that unless he wanted to work as a wrestler with Defendant WWE, Plaintiff was not to call an ambulance or report the occurrence of the injury.” It also claimed that there was gross negligence in allowing a “dangerous structure” in the facility, that they failed to appropriately supervise the ring, that the number of people in the ring was too many considering their awareness of issues with the ring in question, that they failed to have an adequate response plan to the collapse and that they failed to inform him of the dangers of the ring.

The lawsuit was dismissed because Jack failed to serve any of the defendants in a timely manner.

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