WWE starts their annual post WrestleMania European tour tonight in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Main Event For the raw shows is Ryback vs. Cena. The Smackdown main event is Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. Big E. Langston. 

The Smackdown tour kicks off Thursday in Glasgow, Scotland.

Here is the entire schedule: 

Wednesday, Apr. 17: Raw in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Thursday, Apr. 18: Raw in Belfast, Ireland
Thursday, Apr. 18: SD in Glasgow, Scotland
Friday, Apr. 19: Raw in Dublin, Ireland
Friday, Apr. 19: SD in Newcastle, England
Saturday, Apr. 20: Raw in Paris, France
Saturday, Apr. 20: SD in Birmingham, England
Sunday, Apr. 21: Raw in Geneva, Switzerland
Sunday, Apr. 21: SD in Sheffield, England
Monday, Apr. 22: Raw TV in London, England
Monday, Apr. 22: SD in Cardiff, Wales
Tuesday, Apr. 23: SD TV in London, England
Tuesday, Apr. 23: Raw in Nottingham, England
Wednesday, Apr. 24: Raw in Liege, Belgium
Wednesday, Apr. 24: SD in Amneville, France
Thursday, Apr. 25: Raw in St. Petersburg, Russia
Thursday, Apr. 25: SD in Bologna, Italy
Friday, Apr. 26: Raw in Moscow, Russia
Friday, Apr. 26: SD in Trieste, Italy
Saturday, Apr. 27: Raw in Lodz, Poland
Saturday, Apr. 27: SD in Mannheim, Germany
Sunday, Apr. 28: SD in Cologne, Germany

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