WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently was on Wrestling Heels Radio. Here are some highlights:

Possibly returning at the 2014 Royal Rumble: “That’s my dream. That’s my dream. That’s nothing they’ve said. I’ve been wanting to go back, man. Whenever I started losing the weight, whenever I started seeing the world again, whenever I started seeing progress in myself, when I seen – when I started dreaming again, man, dreaming of not so much getting back to the ring, at first. The dreams at first were taking awalk. I went and actually walked up Stone Mountain, man, few months ago, and I could not do that years ago even when, you know, I was in wrestling form, you know? It was a very tough experience.”

Who he’d like to face in WWE: “I would wrestle Shane McMahon. I think I’d enjoy that, and I think it would be a match he could be proud of and that I could be proud of. There’s lots of other guys – a few other guys. I say lots, but there’s a few other guys I wouldn’t mind being in the ring with. I think I could do something spectacular with [John] Cena, but here’s the thing. I could do something spectacular with anybody ’cause Jake the Snake did that. I’ve proven that.”

CM Punk’s promos: “Well, he’s trying to slow it down, but he doesn’t get it yet. You know what, man? Here’s the thing. We’ll just throw this out here. WWE, Jake the Snake calling. I have a proposition, okay? Here’s my proposition. You give me five weeks. Give me an hour a week with five guys, and I will significantly change not only them but I will change the look of Raw, in five weeks. I will do it by simply talking to them, by sitting them underneath the learning tree if you will and just casting it out there, letting them absorb what I give and I won’t exactly remember everything I tell them that they’ll get enough to change your product significantly. Trust me. Ta da.”

DDP Yoga: “It’s incredible, Bro. It is just incredible. I mean all the years I spent in gyms and, believe it or not, I did work out. I mean, there was a lot of sacrificing going to gyms. There’s a lot of pain in trying to do too much weight ’cause you think that’s going to make you bigger. No, it’s going to – it might make you bigger for a short time until your injuries start to come up through it, but all those years, I was doing that stuff to my body and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing, man.

“Back then, a workout you went in the gym and you pushed as hard as you could with as much as you could, and, of course, you supplemented that with powders and pills and steroids. You do get bigger, but at the same time, you’re tearing your body apart, you know. See, god didn’t make us to carry 300 pounds on are back. It’s just been recently, in the last several years, that people have gotten into core strength, and that’s the most important part, man. I mean, it was such idiots not to have learned it sooner because, I mean, the biggest part of your body is the trunk of your body, your chest and your waist and your abs.

“That’s the biggest part, and if you start building power there, that feeds out into your arms and your legs, whereas before we’re out there just trying to make our arms bigger. So I’ll just move that. We’re not doing anything for our core strength, and our core strength is where the power comes from. So if you don’t build your power plan, you’re just wasting time, and it’s really – it aggravates me and chaps my ass. This workout is so much easier and you get twice the results It’s incredible. It’s not – you don’t have to make it impossible. My mother, she’s in a rest home. I’m trying to get her doing it because you can actually do it from a wheelchair. The upper-body stuff she could do, and working with the dynamic resistance, that’s the whole key, man.

“You make your body work against itself. So you’re not going to do too much because, you know, you can try as hard as you want. You can’t overdo it unless you start doing all these extreme things. So you start out slow and you build. There’sworkoutsthere to fit every need, and there’s DVDs. There’s workouts there to fit, the psycho, could go for an hour and a half and then there’s workouts that works specifically, maybe, on your waist or whatever, that go 10, 15 minutes. And the results are just unbelievable. He never started this program thinking aboutweight loss. That wasn’t his – that wasn’t his directive. He wanted to do something to help with the injuries and to help with the core strength. Well, he did it, man, but then he goes into this eating plan and he won’t let you call it a diet because you’re not dieting. You’re getting much healthier, you know? First three letter of diet is die. No, man. We’re not dying.”

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