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Crunch time for WWE as it relates to producing a compelling Monday Night Raw that sells the HIAC PPV which will be the 2nd, I think, PPV of the billing cycle for the company.

 With the overall lack of main event depth in WWE these days, now would be the perfect time to get someone on a roll...attempt to get them hot and see if the individual can connect with the audience. One can always audible out of it but this matter can't be determined in a few weeks no matter how sage like some feel that they may be in determining such.

It's a process that is largely determined by the live audience's reaction over time.

All sports, or entertainment, fans want to support the 'stars' and 'stars,' IE heroes, and all have similar traits. They win more than they lose, they somehow eventually overcome when the odds are the greatest against them and they never quit. All these traits endears them to the audience. Fans can identify with winning. Loses become significant moments and not every other week occurrences.

50/50 booking helps NO one.

Those trying to re-invent the "booking" wheel and who refuse or simply ignore basic psychology and human emotions are foolish or naive or...gasp... egomaniacal.

Box office receipts and PPV numbers should convince any one who professes that the fine line between good and evil need not exist.

Happy belated birthday to Dusty Rhodes who turned 68 on Saturday....the same day that I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary with my wife Jan.

I still say that Dream and Dick Murdoch has one of the greatest tag teams of all time and if you get the chance to watch a good sampling of their work on You Tube, etc jump on it.

Dusty was great to work for an announcer when he was the booker because he would tell you his 'vision' and then allow his broadcasters to go out and put Dream's vision in the announcer's words. Some of my best work was in Crockett's NWA and on TBS because being over produced wasn't an issue.

Don't get me wrong, every talent needs direction and to be produced to some degree but producing talents is an art and all talents can't be produced a like.

To those that have asked and to those who have offered, I have zero interest in doing the seemingly, obligatory "Shoot" interview. No thanks.

Pulling for the Steelers to try and turn things around just a little today against the Jets. Pittsburgh having an undesirable year. Talent issues are obvious. f 

Many NFL teams have the same issues that the WWE Performance Center faces and that is missing on their evaluations as it relates to new talents coming into the system. There isn't a fail proof system. For WWE, the best answer that I can provide is to sign as many quality, athletic, high character talents as one can and then play the numbers game. if WWE can develop 4-6 talents annually who can make it to the main roster with an impact then WWE wins over time. If WWE training personnel can't accomplish the 4-6 number then those individuals need to be re-evaluated.   
Unfortunately, the NFL can easily waste top draft picks and big money on "busts" that they can't salvage or retrieve the money. 

Pro wrestling companies who don't have a system to develop and introduce new talents are bound to fail. How talents are introduced and then game planned is crucial.  

Amazing resilience and dedication for former Sooner Adrian Peterson to be playing with his Minnesota Vikings today after AD's 2 year old son was murdered just a couple of days ago. Hope it's good therapy for the NFL's best running back and last year's MVP. Adrian is a genuinely nice guy that I've known since he was a high school senior.
We will have Live Coverage Starting at 6:50 CT  Tonight for WWE Monday Night Raw!

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