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On Daniel Bryan: The overall promotion for the MITB PPV this Sunday was good especially for the MITB bout for the WWE title opportunity. I’m a Daniel Bryan fan and him closing the show and dealing with Punk and Orton before ascending the ladder was great foreshadowing. Bryan’s apparent ‘unstableness’ is intriguing and DB has organically connected with the fans notwithstanding his in ring expertise. The RVD promos certainly made Rob feel special and I’d venture to say more special than his TV persona has felt since he was last in WWE. Great video clips with, ahem, some nice sound bytes from some voice over guy. 

On Brad Maddox: Brad Maddox being named the new, RAW GM provides for some interesting creative opportunities in the future. I’m curious to see where this matter goes and the political agenda that Maddox’ TV persona establishes. Brad certainly doesn’t have the support of the announce trio based on their comments Monday night which could provide some entertaining interaction in future weeks. Maddox reminds me somewhat of the late, Eddie Gilbert. Maddox’ upside is viable.

On Vickie Guerrero: Vickie Guerrero was fantastic Monday night. I’m very proud of her work and how she has committed herself to develop as a TV performer. She’s been through a great deal of challenges in her life and I, for one, am elated for her success.

On The New WWE Performance Center: The official grand opening of the new, WWE Performance Center is this Thursday In Winter Park, Florida via invitation only. Lots of VIP’s slated to attend and I can assure one and all that this facility is a ‘difference maker’ as will see in the years to come. Everyone involved in the process will have to now up their respective games as expectations have increased substantially.
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